American Idle?

ai-3.jpgJordin Sparks is NOT obese, thank you very much.

This clip I found courtesy of The Superficial makes me absolutely sick with disgust.

Now, it is usually The Superificial that pushes my buttons, but this time, they’re right on the money. The blog reads:

“Fox News brought in the most batshit crazy woman in the world to call the American Idol winner Jordan Sparks obese. I’m all for making fun of people but this bitch is out of her mind. I defy you to sit through this without wanting to punch the woman in the throat.”

I must say, I agree! Views this segment, entitled “Skinny Over Singing? – Should Physicial Size Factor into Who Wins ‘American Idol’?”:

I mean, I’ll admit that Ms. Sparks is a teeny, tiny bit overweight, but in the pleasantly plump/curvaceous sense – not the morbidly obese whale sense that this obviously attention-starved “expert” from the National Action Against Obesity (like anyone’s ever heard of this organization anyway.)

Jordin Sparks

(She’s such a cutie pie!)

Okay, breathe. This is actually so ridiculous that I need to laugh. Thank you, Fox News for this enlightening segment. Thank you Ms. MeMei Roth for entertaining me with your idiocy. And most importantly, thank you Jordin Sparks for conquering your horrific monstrosity obesity and winning American Idol. Don’t forget to drop 40 lbs to be a good role model for our kids.

This, folks, is the “WTF?! Moment” of May 2007.


~ by Rob Anne on May 25, 2007.

30 Responses to “American Idle?”

  1. I seen her on television yesterday, I can’t remember what show it was. But she said that she’s not going to lose weight so comfortable in her skin. And she said she had a burrito before she came on the show. I think she’s perfect the way she is.

    I received the newest Us Magazine and there are a ton of skinny people losing weight to appear slimmer for the camera. Rihanna is now a size 2, Christina Milian lost 18 pounds, and Diane Dergrermo went down 3 size. And these are women that weren’t big in the first place. I agree with you it’s very sickening….. 😦

    Truly Curvaceous

  2. Interesting — Jordin is critisized because they say she needs to lose weight to be a good role model to her fans. And when she does lose weight she’ll be maligned and criticized for showing her fans they have to be skinny. And then they’ll jump to the conclusion she’s a model for anorexia and bulemia. No way to win. How about – she’s a healthy weight for her size (quite tall) and she’s comfortable with herself.

  3. Clearly this is the reason why Melinda Doolitle didn’t win. If Jordan Sparks is obese, Melinda is those 800 pound ladies they show on TLC documentaries who need to be crane lifted out of their homes. Seriously having fat American Idol contestants is a major epidemic and we need all the Clay Aikens and other such skinny twerps of the world to unite over the suppressive ways of the evil, large Ruben Studdards of America.

  4. Interesting that this clearly not obese woman needs to lose weight to be a good role model when a) Ruben Studdard apparently didn’t have to, and b) society today makes role models out of criminals, pedophiles (*cough*RKELLY*cough*), racists, homophobes, and abusers…and a fat woman is a problem? Really? Seems someone needs to rethink her priorities.

  5. And does anyone else think that skinny bitch looks like Anne Coulter’s just-as-evil twin?

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  8. I actually agree with the commentary on the obesity epidemic in this country in general — and our almost pathological denial of it — and the overweight status of this newest American Idol winner, specifically. I wouldn’t call her obese. But it’s clear she is overweight.

    We’re the fattest nation in the world. Our kids have the fattest kids in the world, and the incidence of heart attack, stroke, liver and kidney disorders, high blood pressure and other, serious maladies are at an all-time high because of it.

    Shooting the messenger or calling her a bitch because of her frankness (some might even say bluntness) about it won’t change that.

    People can talk about Anorexia until they’re blue in the face, and it won’t amount to a hill of beans. Anorexia is a rare, rare illness when compared to the true epidemics that obesity and overweight are in this country.

  9. Jordon is a young girl who exudes confidencce, and she is a positive role model for lots of young girls.

  10. Roth is right! Three cheers for the truth!

    The real problem is that Jordin Sparks is just another average overweight American girl. Obesity will kill you and it is simple math as to what is Obese and what is not.

    I feel terrible shame being from the USA and having all the other countries make fun of us because we are ‘all fat’. Girls like Jordin and most probably everyone on this blog who disagrees with Roth are to blame for this and I thank you so much. Every time I go abroad I have to endure jokes that go like this; ‘you can’t be an American you are not fat!’… Thanks a lot my fellow Americans.

    My sadness is only furthered by the fact that America would vote such a girl as an ‘Idol’. Can we have some cheese and fries with that? Oh, and supersize it!

    btw, Roth is also gorgeous and has a near-perfect BMI. Stop making yourselves look foolish by trying to find fault with her.


    -Sad American

  11. Well, Jordin is a size 12 and 5’10” tall. Somehow that doesn’t seem to qualify for obese. She falls well within a healthy, normal range for her age. Will she lose weight when she begins her hectic career? Yes! But not because her “handlers” insist, but because she will be fulfilling the heavy demands of her new-found fame. Give it a rest.

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  13. “Sad American”, you are indeed a sad American if your main criteria for who is worthy of respect is whether their BMI meets your standards. Jordin has a fantastic voice, an infectious smile, and a cute personality. All those things put together made her Idol-worthy in the eyes of the public. Besides, the show’s supposed to be a SINGING competition, not a beauty competition. As far as I’m concerned, anybody who would refuse to vote for her based solely on her weight is as much of a bigot as anybody who would refuse to vote for her because she’s biracial. There’s something seriously wrong with those priorities.

    In today’s culture it’s extremely rare for ANY 17-year-old girl to feel comfortable in her body, no matter her weight. That’s the real issue here. Berating a girl who IS comfortable in her skin because you don’t think she SHOULD be? That’s just wrong.

  14. “Sad American” – if you are embarrassed to be an American – leave. As a I read your comment…I picture this well-to-do person who has never REALLY had to work for anything. The type that has never been in the military and would never allow your children to be in the military. But yet wants a big military full of everyone else’s children to protect your way of life… while you eat hummus and do triathlons. I also doubt you have the genetics that pre-disposes you to obesity. So you have NO idea what you are talking about.

    Why is obesity the only disability that is socially acceptable to make fun of? Would you make fun of someone dying of cancer? A cancer patient was probably genetically pre-disposed to cancer and their life style may have been the catalyst. Reality is – not even doctors know everything. We don’t know why some people tend to be overweight. It’s not simply because they eat too many Big Macs!

    Being healthy is important and teaching our children to be healthy is important. But quality of life is more important. Jordin is comfortable with her body and truly is beautiful. I hope she NEVER lets arrogant/foolish people (like you) affect her.

    These foreigners that are making fun of “fat” Americans are the same foreigners that would give anything to live in this country!

    You truly are a “Sad American” and I’m embarrassed that YOU/YOUR views would represent Americans in any way. The real shame would be you being voted as the next “American Idol”.

    btw – gorgeous is not the adjective I would use to describe Roth. She may have a near-perfect BMI, but she also has a very flawed attitude.

  15. Glowien 11, could you please edit this, the above posting. In the message, it is referenced to a specific person, making it seem as though the words were attributed to that person when they were not.
    Or if you could just delete the above posting that is attributed to Sad American, that would be even better. Thanks!

  16. Sheesh, I would love to be “fat” like Jordin Sparks. She looks great. Doesn’t look like a “picture of unhealth” to me at all.

  17. That really made me mad. Jordin is adorable and talented, and weight should have NOTHING to do with it. She’s not “unhealthy”. So maybe she’s not a size 0 like the rest of Hollywood. Who is, anyway? Being a heavier, but not unhealhty, girl myself, I am inspired by people like Jordin and Queen Latifah and Kelly Clarkson who aren’t really skinny. They are beautiful and talented and sweet and they are happy being who they are. All I can say to the two guys (surprisingly enough) is: YOU ROCK!!! Thanks for standing up for us big girls!!

  18. This lady is born out of her time. She should have been born during Hitler’s regime and in Germany. I’m sure she would have been sitting at his side.

  19. jordin sparks is NOT fat! she might be a big girl but that does not mean she’s fat and even if she is FAT its not necessarily a bad thing. she’s got a good weight for her height and she looks good in whatever she wears. I totally prefer her to skinny runts like paris and nicole. This girl is real.

  20. Jordin Sparks is actually healthy, proud to be her size, and confident and yet some people feel that makes her a negative role model.Her size is not disgusting it is the people in this world who feel the need to comment about it that are.STOP USING THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC AS A REASON TO HUMILIATE AND BELITTLE “FAT” PEOPLE!!!! Not all plus sized people are unhealthy and for her height her size is within reason.Teenage girls around the world need her as a role model, and they need to learn to embody her coinfidence no mater what their size.We should eb spreading the message that: If you are unhealthy at your weight, work towards becoming healthier but while your at that weight you can still feel beautiful.There is nothing wrong with that.Leave Jordin Sparks alone and save one of the only role models for not-stick-thin girls to relate to.

  21. You cant win! All this talk of “size 0” which will kill you much faster than carrying a few extra pounds. There has to be a grey area where you are not fat and just curvey. Enough of this fatist abuse. Its enough to make a young teen feel ugly and depressed, media can be so cruel.

  22. She is not fat. She is really a woman. She is more beautiful than any other female celebrity of hollywood.

  23. totally right! i looove jordin sparks and im happy she won AI. mandisa actually got voted off in season 5 because of her weight struggle.

  24. i think jordin sparks is ok,though she’s a little fat,but it’s DEFINITELY NOT obese,besides,it doesn’t matter cuz she sings real well,so if u wanna say bad things abt her,do haf 2nd tots,can u sing betta den her?if u can’t just shut the crap

  25. Jordin Sparks sings fantastic. Visually she reminds me of the chubby but cute Princess Fiona (the green version) from Shrek.

  26. Curvaceous women are being labelled as obese so the dieting industry can make huge bucks selling them diet pills and treatments and bypass surgeries after they traumatize them. The standards must be changed and it is in our hands to star creating ripples.

    be proud girls, no matter what the media says the world is full of REAL people who think otherwise.

  27. I’m 16 and way less than 55 pounds. I’m South-African and I am kind of not short. Not tall either, but still not a typically short girl. People see me as thin, so speaking from a thin girl’s point of view, I say, I’d rather be plump and happy with a glow and an enjoyment of life than a tooth pick like I was who practically went on a guilt trip for a week if I ate a chocolate. I also love singing and would like to audition for idles, but hell, if this is what it means! If critisism is all it’s gonna be and if tallent counts for nothing …


  29. We agree with MeMe Roth on this one. Jordan is a glutton but we love gluttons and gluttony. Check out Bigger Fatter blog on google

  30. Not so long ago a womon with Jordin’s figure or even a bit bigger would have been deemed the beauty standard. We’ve all seen those paintings by old masters–they almost always seem to have womyn that, by our standards today, would be overweight or too big.

    Our beauty standards need to change to include *everyone* who is healthy and happy.

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