Courtney’s Lovely Lady Lumps (or Lack Thereof)

love-fat-face.jpgCourtney Love used to be fat.

And to be honest, she looked great in my opinion. I mean, she didn’t always wear the most body-appropriate clothing when she was heavy, but she still looked much healthier than she did before. She’s a very beautiful woman (I don’t care what people have to say about her antics, beauty is beauty) and the extra weight on her figure added to her good looks. Before she put on the weight, she was heavily into drugs, making her look emaciated and strung-out.

She looked full and curvaceous and lively. She looked healthy, she looked ripe. But there was no mistaking it – she was fat.

Courtney Love

(No one wants a bone but a dog, right?)


Even when she put on the weight about two or so years ago and people mocked her for it, she fought back against the criticism:


Reformed rocker Courtney Love has lashed out at critics of her recent weight gain, insisting her drug addiction was the reason behind her previously skinny frame.

The former HOLE frontwoman is finally sober after years of drug problems and is happy with her fuller figure, because it means she is now healthy, reports the New York Daily News.

Love says, “I was really, really thin because of what I was doing.”

Love alluded to teen Hollywood stars who are currently under scrutiny by the media over their increasingly gaunt appearance.

She explains, “When all these little teenyboppers finally go into rehab, they’re going to get fat, too.”

But now she’s back to where she started – thin. And not just thin (because there’s certainly nothing wrong with being thin), but skeletally, unhealthily thin. This time, without the drugs as far as we know.

Courtney Love

(What happened to her once-ample bosom?!)


(Bottom photo courtesy of my man Perez.)

Honestly, should a 42 year-old woman look so emaciated? I mean, the gossip blogs are all up in arms about her “rockin’ body”, but I actually find such a dramatic weight-loss disturbing. I think she looked healthier (and much more attractive) before! Then again, maybe I’m bias to a more full-figured look….

There’s nothing wrong with being skinny and trying to be healthy. But since her recent weight-loss, she looks bony and not at all in the best of health.

Says Courtney about her recent transformation:

“i couldnt get that suregry iof i begged for it
FDA says you have to have a BMI of above 40 and that equals at least being 100 pounds overweight at least other wsie its ILLEGAL.
I know spmeone who troed to get that shit and no dr would give it to her an dhse was pudgier than i was, its total utter shite, i lost weightthe hard way and people cant accept it,whwnever ANYONE loses weight by determintaion and grit fast its suspect i got muyinspirationf rom Oprah losing so much weight on Slim Fast,. thats how i did it, thio sis nonsesne my breath is great and i dont “vomit inot a towel” it sjust cynical crazy bullshit,
i started weight training three days go to get rid of the saggy ass and loose tummy i pln on hving perrrfect six pack by summer, and be extra strong so when i play shows ill be strong nd not weak,
Thizs is bullshit as is the tummy tuck rumour or the 200k in liopo rumpur ( you dont lose eoght all over from lipo) ( noone loses more than 15 lbs from lipo ever they “resculpt”) thi sisjust nnoying gross BULLSHIT. from people who cant lose wieght through ld fashioned discipline but dont think for second if it was legal i wouldnt think bout it sure i would but losing ll you rintesines doesnt appeal to me and im ton macro so i dont get cancer ( i kno wthe smnoking hs to go) banding s supposed to up your vchances for colon cancer as well as other terroble health problems,
again this is BULLSHIT. i worked my ss off and m always fucking hingry though ive gotten used to it, bno dr in the world would give me gastric bypass or gastric banding i dont meet the pproval of ny western country , it would be illegal and im[ossible fvor me to find dr to perform this surgery on me.
zso thats THAT.
Jealous Cynical people who anta cceopt that somneone cn lose alot of weight the old fshioned wy ive exercised mya ss off obv iously not enough in my stomach but xdone tons and tons aof cardio, so enough said on this nonsense jealous cynical lie.
good night.”

I’m not going to call Courtney a hypocrite, because she’s not. She never really loved her fuller figure, she only liked the fact that it meant she was off of drugs. I believe her when she’s worked hard to lose the weight, but I still can’t help feeling disappointed that we lost another plump media figure to weight-loss. I mean, Courtney’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this topic. America Ferrera, Sarah Rue, Ricki Lake are all melting away as we speak and it makes me feel betrayed, as Big Fat Deal puts it.

More to come on fat celebrity weight-loss.


~ by Rob Anne on May 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “Courtney’s Lovely Lady Lumps (or Lack Thereof)”

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. That’s interesting. I like your blog, by the way–in fact I have an RSS feed on my Google homepage. 🙂

    I love how she looks in the second picture. I mean, just beautiful, really.
    The others that show her as being…well, I don’t have your guts, so I’ll just say “chubby”–she looks a little on the frumpy side, but that’s probably because she’s not all made up.

    The one right above the one from Perez–well, I’d class that has Hollyweird thin, but you’re right, it does have a sort of weird look to it.
    The one from Perez…YIPE. Excellent comparison there!

    Good points that you’ve made. I feel that a good balance is in order–and I’m really pleased to know that she’s being pretty real about things in Hollyweird and actually referencing the drug problems, etc, instead of pulling a Britney/Paris/Lohan and trying to make excuses.
    I’m also really glad that she likes her curvy body, and doesn’t take crap from people telling her she ought to be a size 0. Kudos to her, and also to you for blogging so well. 🙂

  3. I feel most sad for courtney about her loss of Curt Cobain — I’m sure that has to affect people in a bad way. Her transformation(s) seem to reflect a wanting to change or transform her life somehow — a loss that great must make people grasp for straws about who they are and what lies ahead now. Also, I always believe that food/sex/drugs are closely related, as they are the strongest physical experiences a person can have — and they provide real immediate gratification. when these things go out of balance it seems like we come “unhinged”. Bottom line: I think Courtney’s image changes reflect the difficult emotional road she’s been through with her career/love/and personal life — I don’t think she’s so much rejecting “Fatness” as she is trying to stablize herself and find herself since the tragic loss of Cobain and who knows what else is in her past. This seems more like an eating/disorder/drug issue than a fatphobic issue. Love you Courtney — wish you the best in all and a healthy and total emotional recovery and peace whatever form your body takes on to enrobe your battered soul — Love and peace – PG

  4. I liked her better chubby!!!

  5. She looks terrible fat. She’s always extreme….fat or skinny, she isn’t pretty. the only thing attractive about her earlier was she had a nice body; now she has nothing. Just another fame slut!

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