The Superficial Doesn’t Like Queen Latifah’s Swimsuit

queen-latifah.jpgI love bitchy gossip blogs as much as the next girl (shout out to my man Perez!), but sometimes they can even hurt the reader.

The Superficial, one of my favorite celebrity gossip blogs (and one of the best on the ‘Net), recently posted this series of photos of and commentary on Queen Latifah at the beach entitled “Queen Latifah Doesn’t Like Her Swimsuit”.

Now why would they call it that? Because she’s giving the middle finger to the camera in the shots? Is she mad that she’s not a size zero? Or do you think maybe she’s just pissed that the paparazzi are following her around and taking pictures of her on vacation?

Perhaps the blogger just has a problem with the fact that Queen Latifah (do I call her Queen? Latifah?) doesn’t give a damn that she’s she’s heavy and is confident enough to where a bathing suit to the beach.

Here are some samples of the shots:






Underneath the photos, the moderator wrote a little “funny” commentary:

Queen Latifah gave the paparazzi the finger while vacationing in Maui. And I guess I’d be pretty mad too if I looked like that. I sort of expected gravy to be dripping from the side of her mouth. Aren’t there weight requirements for buying a swimsuit? I mean, Jesus, you need a license to own a gun, and I’d rather be shot twice than have to look at this thing. It’s not even a body anymore. It’s just…shapes.

Now, to me, there is nothing wrong with how her body looks. Admittedly, a majority of plus-size women don’t usually look supreme in bathing suits (especially because of disproportional distribution of excess body fat), but Latifah looks FINE! Not fine as in, “Oh, she looks fine…” but “Damn! She looks FIIIINE!”

She has a gorgeous shape. Her legs are smooth and defined. She lacks an overwhelming tummy bulge. Her breasts compliment her upper body, giving her an hourglass figure. She’s tall. I couldn’t ask for a better full-figured body to be seen in a bathing suit!

I shouldn’t feel so indignant about those person’s comments, considering it’s a gossip blog. They, especially The Superficial, are famous and popular because they’re bitchy. But it hurts to see things like that, especially because Latifah doesn’t look bad at all. I can’t imagine what they’d say about another full-figured gal who doesn’t look as good in a bathing suit.

Maybe I’m a hypocrite, because usually I myself love to make fun of celebrities and see them looking their worst, but The Superficial didn’t just insult Queen Latifah, he or she insulted every woman out there who ever wore a bathing suit, fat or not. No woman thinks she looks 100% perfect in a bathing suit, so whether you’re heavy or not, that comment is going to haunt you and play on your own insecurities.

Finally, I especially love the comment about the gravy. Because everyone knows how much us fat girls just stuff our faces with as much grease, lard, and grizzle any chance we get. (You know we love food almost as much as we love sex.) I know one of my favorite breakfast items are the bacon drippings I pour straight into my mouth from the frying pan as soon as I’m done cooking. Mmmm heart attacks….

Get real people!


~ by Rob Anne on May 4, 2007.

73 Responses to “The Superficial Doesn’t Like Queen Latifah’s Swimsuit”

  1. I love the way she looks in the bathing suit…. she’s a curvy girl how else is she suppose to look in one. Or is she just suppose to sit on the beach instead on going in. I have the media sometimes. 😦

    Truly Curvaceous

  2. I agree. Queen Latifah does look fiiine. And yo, as if skinny girls don’t pick their wedgies, too?

  3. Whaaat? Queen Latifah’s stopped being considered hot? The hell?

  4. I agree; I think she looks really good. You can tell that this is her natural body shape/size.

    What bothers me most about the commentary is the absolute DISGUST at her body. When she didn’t even ask to be looked at–she was ON VACATION, being followed by the paparazzi! I mean, I know that being a celebrity can be a full-time job, but she was on vacation and obviously didn’t want to/expect to have pictures taken of her, given the middle finger. So the commentary that they would rather be shot than have to look at that ‘thing’ just seems incredibly misogynistic, when her privacy was invaded and no one held a gun to their head and actually forced them to look at the pictures.

  5. Well, I guess I shouldn’t get to go to the swimming pool anymore without a 1920’s full body swimsuit on anymore. What is the matter with people? I think she looks fine.

  6. […] it is usually The Superificial that pushes my buttons, but this time, they’re right on the money. The blog reads: “Fox News brought in the […]

  7. […] I could halfway relate, I thought, being fat, but not a feminist. But it seems the blog’s author is proud of the fact that she is obese. And, following that, has some strange issues. She seems to be projecting herself on “curvy” celebrities (pro-tip: Scarlet Johansson and Monica Belluci are curvy, Queen Latifah is fat), so when The Superficial makes fun of Queen Latifah in a bathing suit she gets upset. […]

  8. My wife has the same suit, likely in a very close size, she looks fine at the pool or the beach in it. If someone were to use images of her in her suit in a way that was anything less that flattering I would be very offended. So that being said I am offended for Queen Latifah. Sure she doesn’t need me to be, yet I am. If a person is ‘underweight’ the media can be just as shallow, but at least they pretend to be showing concern for the waif’s health, but in reality its all just the old ‘side show’ mentality. Queen Latifah (and my wife) are both lovely women and anyone can see they are intended to carry the weight they do. So, off my soap box having spouted what has doubtlessly been said before and better. Funny thing about the swim suits though.

  9. Now, to me, there is nothing wrong with how her body looks. Admittedly, a majority of plus-size women don’t usually look supreme in bathing suits (especially because of disproportional distribution of excess body fat),

    Okay, I think I’m DONE with your website. I thought this was supposed to be a website toward fat feminism, which is supposed to give women POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS but since we all look so bad in our bathing suits, why not just run and hide and get it over with?

    Oh, by the way, honey, I saw your picture, you are not fat, you are just chubby. And I don’t think you really want fat women to feel good about themselves, you just need to feel good about yourself. I think for you, someone is fat and OKAY as long as they are your size or smaller. This website is BS!

  10. Oh I love you for saying that!!! She looks perfect for her body type! She’s absoltely amazing, and a stunning woman, period! (No and’s, but’s or excepts.) πŸ™‚

  11. shes an amazing actress and a beautiful woman. she looks healthy. people wud u rather this size or the size of amy whinehouse? c’mon now its degrading

  12. this is bullshit, Im thinner than her and I look like shit in a bathing suit! Queen Latifah is gorgeous and thank you to those who defend her and f u to those who dont! πŸ˜€

  13. Well,i love Queen Latifah!I like that she’s natural and that she doesn’t give a damn if she weights a little more.Plus,she’s a great actress.
    Why does she must be slim?

  14. y’kno ppl tht have more curves are sed to have the better personality as thin ppl tend to be more superficial…SHES AMAZING GET OVER IT U SKINNY PPL!!!! i giv a shout out to alllll the curvy girls around the world!!!! πŸ˜€

  15. The suit has that towell hangy thing to cover for any ‘tummy buldge’ but I agree, she is a big boned woman with big boned curves nothing wrong with her at all, variety is the spice of life. Hollywoods ‘little boy’ looking women thing is where the freak’s at.

  16. alrite lets see…. this is for the guys tht r reading this….would u rather cuvy girls like queen latifah or skinny little things like nicole richie????? be honest ….

  17. she looks good here! it’s too bad people think only skinny chicks can wear a swimsuit. I’m probably the same size as queen Latifah but i look terrible cos i have cellulite! she looks nice and smooth and has a lovely shape!

  18. if men are only interested in thin girls I say we all boycott the crap out of them. They have been treating us like shit for CENTURIES!!! CENTURIES!!!!!!!! If they think we’re fat and unproductive, we should move out, chefs stop cooking! nurses stop working! bakeries must close! fat police stop making rounds! fat doctors stop operating! we’re UNPRODUCTIVE right? I say we make protest!!!

  19. I agree, I think the Queen looks great!!

  20. Just stumbled upon this and I am suprised at the Queen’s fine figure. I liked her looks before but now I absolutely adore them. Big girls are so much nicer than stick insects and do not get enough loving IMO. – A guy’s point of view.

  21. I love Queen Latifah’s Swimsuit because it is sexy on her and i think she is beautiful women in my heart she is the best women and she is awsome person that swimsuit is way hottie because the tits shows out that is why i love it she is not that big and she is not fat she is beautiful women i dont care how big she is or her weight i love her the way she is and i love her that much and i dont care about her skn color and her weight she is not fat or big she is beautiful inside and out i love her just the you are and respect her feelings i love her the way i do she is sweet and sexy and beautiful special women she is to me i love her the way she is Queen latifah is not that fat or big i just love her the way she is.

    Robin Morgan

  22. very sick post about Queen Latifah. She loks perfect for me. I bet she is more female in bed then a lot of top models.

  23. I dont know what you all out in y our kool-aid, but that *isnt* “gorgeous”.

  24. …nice one, starr -.- I’m not even going to bother responding to that crap.
    I’m proud of Latifah for her confidence in this, it’s nice to know she’s not taking this bullshit these guys are giving her.

  25. It seems to me like she’s the one with some issues. If shes so proud of her weight then she seems to have an odd way of showing it by giving the finger. She already got a breast reduction, next to come will be lipo I’m sure. If she didn’t want to be seen then she shouldn’t have gone out like that in the first place.

  26. who ever wrote smething bad fuck all of yall queen latifah look good and her bath suit she has a gooc boby and only think that look bad is her hair that is the only think that look bad but other than that she look good to be a big women in a bath suit i am a shape preson my self i do not look good in a bath suit i wish i did she is a good women someone i look up to my self so when you talk about her you are talking about me so fuck all yall get a life she look good you just mad you do not look that good have love 4 queen latifah

  27. Not only does she look good, she looks HAPPY! And isn’t that most important?

  28. Queen Latifa is a fat ugly talentless Cow, you might as well perfume a pig.

  29. Well,i love Queen Latifah!

  30. She is absolutely beautiful!!! Nothing more needs to be said.

  31. who ever hates her u need to get a life because can call her they mother thats what i call her because she is a lovely person so leave the queen alone or you will have to go threw me that is for the haters up in here

  32. who ever hates her u need to get a life because people can call her there mother thats what i call her because she is a lovely person so leave the queen alone or you will have to go threw me that is for the haters up in here i love u queen latifah

  33. What is most notable to me is Queen Latifah’s divine skin!
    I was naturally a woman of about the same shape and size but I fought my body hard – over and over I lost and gained, lost and gained and now at around the same age my skin looks like it should be on a woman ten times my size. I wish I would have known how to accept and celebrate my body as she always has. She is just gorgeous!


  35. i love u queen latfah

  36. i β™₯ queen latifah she is my idle. fuck you guys out there that dont dig heavy woman.skinny chicks are said to hold nothing in bed.(if you know what i mean) she looks absolutly gorgeous.there is NOTHING rong with her swim suit.

  37. dont be a ass she has a absolutely peerfect face just she has a few more calories doesnt mean she is ugly.and she looks HOT in that swimsuit f*ck u all.she is my idol2

  38. queen latifah looks fine the way she is rather than them size 0
    girls . think you should be proud of your body .

  39. She’d rather wear a tiny bikini with that great rack and that juicy big ole butt

  40. Queen Latifah IS fine! I don’t look that delicous in a suit, but I don’t give a tinker’s dam. It’s my body, and people who’d rather be shot than look can TURN AWAY.

  41. she looks hot!mmm…….tasty!

  42. She is a beautiful, talented, lived-through, successful woman and I have nothing but the utmost respect for her… any woman coming up on 40 would feel lucky to look that good in a bathing suit – overweight or not.

    And as for the finger… it really makes me wonder at today’s “acceptable” intelligence level that so far everyone’s speculated at her reasons for doing it, yet not one single person has pointed out that the paparazzi are *people*, not just some automated machines that randomly go around taking pictures (however they may act that way, I’m sure…*derisive look*) and no one has speculated whether something was *said* to her to provoke that reaction…?

    Either way she’s the kind of woman I can only hope to be when I’m her age – beautiful, confident, successful, and life-loving. With all she’s accomplished who gives a damn about weight?

  43. Queen Latifah is awesome! I guess some people just don’t understand the true meaning of self-esteem. People who aren’t what the critics consider to be beautiful and who feel good about themselves and don’t care what others think are the people with true self-esteem. I think Latifah is beautiful and very talented. Her confidence shines through. Loving yourself is more important then worrying about what others think of you to the point of self-destruction. Rock on, Queen Latifah!

  44. Hello? I WISH I looked like Queen Latifah…I’ve gained a shit-ton of weight over the last couple years…and well…I certainly don’t look like her. She’s HOOOOOT.

  45. Queen Latifah is beautiful in many ways for many different reasons but I think we can all agree that we love her for one main reason; she’s REAL. I don’t view her as a celebrity or some flashy superficial star because she’s comfortable in her own skin and projects an inner beauty that would undoubtedly be felt in the room as soon as she walked in. She’s a strong, SEXY, amazing black woman! Let’s love her for who she is and what she stands for. Phuck the rest!

  46. i love queen latifa bcuz she is proud of her size n who she is,therefore helpin other full figured women boost up their self esteem.

  47. ok… theres a reasion they call her queen!!! she rocks at everything.(well not everything but most!) she can sing ,act dance. and look very hot in a one-peace. i dont see anything rong with her and she is one of the most inspiering people i have ever seen. she sends a good message to kids of all ages and older people too!!!!all you people should be ashamed of your selves for sending mean comments. if you dont have anything nice tot say ,dont say anything at all!!!!! LOVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Y’all carzy… she looks great. She is always herself!!!! Never superficial. Ps. the breast reduction was NOT for cosmetic reasons but medical. Keep doing your thing Queen!

  49. She look mad HOTTTTTTTTTTT in this pic. Who eva said that she don’t need a new prescription for they glasses. She could make the straightest of us change teams big time.

    Queen Latifah is mighty fine the way she is. People shouldn’t discriminate over big girls. If they’re fine with their bodies, others should be too.

  51. I think so to, so if i were Queen Latifah i would tell all those haters whatever haters and quenn you look good do what you got to do and look good while doing it.

  52. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous in that bathing suit!! Me being a plus size lady, I think she has the right body for that particular bathing suit. Plus size women need to know that theres absolutely nothing wrong with not being a stick figure and to glorify our beautiful bodies and just accept the fact that god made us all different shapes, shades, and sizes!!

  53. hillo queen i am adda dolph i am from algerien __add.dolph@live.rf

  54. me encanta esta tia, es la mejor entre las mejores!!

    I’m not speak English…

  55. i love Queen!!


  56. (L)

  57. Queen Latifah is really fat.

  58. i love u so much uu my biggest idol i wish i can meet u so much i would do any thing 4u

  59. i simply love the way she looks in the suit.i adore her!

  60. The Queen is a beauty through and through. Clearly she is comfortable in her own skin otherwise she would have rented a private island somewhere and hid out there for her vacation. I am printing this pic out an hanging it up. Kudos for her for flippin’ the bird to whomever she deemed worthy!

  61. You go girl! If I was on that beach I think I would have mooned the pavarazzi! That would make headlines for a decade! LOL! Big whip! I am smaller than her and she looks better in a suit than me!
    You go Latifi! Good for you!
    Dumb tabloid writers making a quick buck!
    Go screw yourself as usual! I think tabloid writers and pavarazzi get this stuff from a crappy background. I mean who else could write this sheer trash! Only trash!

  62. Queen Latifah is GORGEOUS. Who the fuck cares what she wears? She looks hot!

  63. i agree, she looks gorgeous, and i think she knows that. she doesn’t seem bothered at all! despite being fat, she’s very “proporcional”, if you know wht i mean, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the her and her bathing suit. even the color is right!!lol ^^

  64. Queen Latifah is a beautiful woman. so what she’s got some curves, but unless you’re a fashion model or an actress you do! Oh wait! she is a model and an actress. and one of the most successful, not to mention. if critics write things like that about curvy women we look up to what are we supposed to think about ourselves.
    If a beautiful woman like Queen Latifah isn’t allowed to go splash around in the ocean how are any of us who are just the same size but not near as beautiful supposed to be able to?


  66. Are you people all $@@&* blind? Or obese? I’ve seen pics of here where she looked OK (obviously a lot thinner than this). But she does NOT look hot on those pics!! She looks like a killer whale! And look, I’m not into too skinny girls… I think Giselle Budchen is too skinny, on the other hand, Kim Kardashian is gorgeous. What I think more interesting is that while we live in an Obese Country, usually people (man and women, btw) worship extremely skinny people. I think Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, and J-Lo should be the standard for hot. Not those skin&bones top models. However, going back to the main topic of the thread, sorry but Queen Latifah is way fat to be considered hot…

  67. i love her…she have a big attitude

  68. Everybody knows when it’s time to put some clothes on. Her’s is past due. It’s unfair to our eyesight when we know that “diva” that’s at the copyright office is terribly overweight.

  69. What? Are only models and sexy hot skinny hotties allowed at the beach? WTF? Get out of town you losers! I am not obese yet I think that anyone should be allowed to go to a beach. What does Queen Latifa have on?….Hmmmm duh a FULL BODY SUIT .duh! I don’t want to see a large woman in a thong….hec no..I don’t even want to see myself in that! But geez! Do you own the beach? Noooooo! So guess who is going to the beach? If you don’t want to see it look the other way losers!

  70. queen latifah is hot as hell i love her tits i love her

  71. see thru thong

  72. Very nice very..
    I love hers movies and pictures, she is mrs. our ms. nice women.



  73. god she’s gorgeous… but the ppl talking ish make her famous. She’s wearing that bathing suit PERFECTLY. I love a woman with curves verses staring at someones bones. Id be pissed too if I had some ignorant camera man taking shots of me while im relaxing on vacation.. whew she’s fine as hell. What I wouldn’t give for a chance with her lol

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