Is Sara Ramirez Fat?

Sara RamirezYou know you’ve asked yourself this question. Don’t lie.

When you first saw her you thought, “How gorgeous!” And then you’re second thought was, “Wait… she’s a little thicker than I realized….” And then your final thought was, “Oh my God, Sara Ramirez is kinda… fat, isn’t she? Hm.”

Why is it so shocking that, when we look at Sara Ramirez, we have an inkling that she may be fat? (“Fat”, of course, never being a negative and only used as an observation on this blog.) Is there even a hypothetical borderline between being skinny and fat? Like, “Oop… oop… wait for it…awww, no. Oh well, it’s official, Ms. Ramirez is officially fat. Close call, though. She almost made it. She coulda be thin….”

Well, I theorize it’s shocking for several reasons.

A) She’s a main player on one of the most popular television programs in America. And Grey’s Anatomy is sexy. Can they even put a fat woman on air who’s not ballsy, ambiguously heterosexual, or specifically casted to be the “fat one”? (Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you Camryn Manheim!)

B) She plays character who actually has a decent love interest (a.k.a. not an abuser, a chubby-chasing freak, a drug addict, a mean asshole, or a guy who turns out to be gay…yet.)

C) Um, she’s completely smokin’ hot.

I mean, look at her!

(And thanks to Truly Curvaceous for the slide show idea!)

She’s stunning. She’s curvaceous. She’s a real woman.

But she’s definitely big. And I’m the first one to admit you just don’t see that many smoldering heavy women every day. And she is heavy. Just look at the difference one year made:


(2005 Tony Awards)


(2006 Tony Awards)

As good as she looks, there’s no question she’s gained weight.

Another reason I think we’re hesitant to make the “fat or not” call is the fact that she’s Latina, and Latinas tend to take pride in their curves. Know how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “She’s not fat, she’s Latina!”? (You can also substitute “Latina” for “black” and it would still work, thanks to the common double standard that it’s okay, even attractive, if a Latina or a black woman is heavy, but neither if she’s white.)

So, going back to my second question: What constitutes being “fat”? Does going from size 10 to size 12 (12 being the standard beginning “plus” size) mean going from average, or slender, to fat? Or is it, like, an intuition thing? I always used to wonder if being fat myself gave me certain “fat-dar” – like I could tell if people were fat when average-sized people couldn’t or something. I guess in this case it doesn’t really “take one to know one” considering thin people have the same sight ability as heavy people, but still. Am I more adept at noticing fatness in others because I’m so used to analyzing my own appearance? Am I more of an “expert” on fatness than skinny people? It sounds silly, but sometimes I feel I have more leverage to make judgments on people’s size based on the fact that, “Hey, I’m fat – if anyone knows it’s me.”

So, you know what? Let’s forget the question mark. I’m going with my gut on this on. I’m going to claim Ms. Ramirez as one of our own:

Sara Ramirez is fat.

And that’s okay. I don’t mean it as an insult and I’m not trying to “conform her to societal standards” like those on the IMDB boards claim anyone who uses the word to describe a celebrity does. I’m just calling a spade a spade. And we could certainly use some more hot women like herself on our side.

~ by Rob Anne on May 8, 2007.

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  1. Yes, she’s definitely apart of the curvy girl crew. She has the fluffy cheeks and the curves to match…. I love her character on Grey Anatomy . She’s curvy and beautiful and I don’t think she should lose an ounce of weight. I think in the “Hollywood” if your over a size 6 than your over weight. When your standing next to people like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton who are -0 ofcourse your going to appear “FAT”. But in reality the average women is a size 14. But “Hollywood will never acknowledge the obvious.

    Truly Curvaceous

  2. Sara Ramirez is effing lovely. I saw her in Spamalot, and she is AMAZING. She definitely deserved that Tony Award. And she’s still good on Grey’s Anatomy. Granted, I’ve only seen a few episodes, but she was damn good (and damn good-looking) in all of them. So join, the circle, Sara! We brought Smores!

  3. The difference a year makes is between 8 shows a week, the stress of performing material written by a legend and having a network court you, a role written for you, slipping into a large cast and having access to a craft services table or being courted for events because you’re on one of the hottest things on TV. But she did state on The View she is a size 12 and I don’t think she has a reason to lie. So for my sanity every study that continues to support the idea tne average American woman is a size 24 is the cornerstone of my truth.

  4. Honestly, there is NO standard or no line, that one crosses to be considered FAT universally. It always has and always will be defined by our own opinions, or our acceptance as to what others tell us. I believe “Kerri” that she’s a size 12. And I believe that the average woman in America is a size 14. But the question remains, just because the “Average” size is a 14, does that mean the “Average” does that mean a size 14 is healthy, or does it mean the “average” woman in America is fat? And let’s be a little realistic here. A woman who’s 5’10” and a size 14, is NOT going to look like the woman who’s 5’2″ and a size 14.

    I applaud you for using the word FAT in a realistic, and non- degrading way. But let’s face it, most people still use the term in a dirty or derogatory way. And I think this is why we have so many adjectives now such as “thick” “curvy” “plump” “chubby” “BBW”, etc. To REMOVE overweight women from the term fat, because fat is used as slander, and we grow up with the image that fat people are dirty, lazy, ugly, etc. It’s become ridiculous….

    Anyways, Sara Ramirez is considered fat to some, and considered curvy to others…I would call her fat, in a term of endearment kind of way. At least she can be recognized as being beautiful, working against the typical “fat girl image” society has created for us.

  5. She has been quoted as saying she practically starved herself to be the size she was during Spamalot, and she said she just wasn’t going to do that anymore. I know how she feels. I am 5’7″, I eat well, and I exercise, but I probably won’t ever be less than a 10 or 12 unless I abuse my body to do it. And life’s too short. So you go, Sara!

  6. Don’t call her fat. She’s sexier than almost anyone out there. Her and America Ferrera are about the only women in Hollywood who actually look like real beautiful women. All the others look unnatural except for a few on American Idol

    • That’s exactly what she’s saying! Fat doesn’t have to be a bad thing, although it’s certainly looked negatively upon by our society. The point is that many women, Sara Ramirez and America Ferrera for example, are very beautiful even though they don’t follow the American standard of “you are beautiful when we can see all of your ribs.”

  7. I agree. sara is a beautiful person, inside and out, who shows what real women are suposed to look like. Compared to her “Grey’s Anatomy” co-stars, she may be a little heavy, but lets face it, who isn’t. we eat, were hormonal, we have children, and its hard to keep the pounds off, plus, some of us are just naturally bigger than others. But the fact is, real women have curves.

  8. I think the term FAT has the connotation of being a negative word (or dirty or derogatory as Brenna said but not in your blog) because that is what it is used for in the public eye. I don’t use that word because of that reason. I don’t think anyone wants to be called fat. Sara is an amazing actress, very beautiful and is very full figured. Her being “bigger” does not take away from her beauty or her talent as an actress.

  9. I think she’s gorgeous and definitely one of the two most attractive women on Grey’s Anatomy.

  10. Ya know what…no matter what size she is she is completely gorgeous and I would not in the least bit call her “FAT” Yeah she has a curvy body but ya know what get over it….I am so tired of women getting treated like crap because their not affraid to be “PHAT” (Pretty, Hott, and THICK) and besides I think she is seriously the hottest girl on Grey’s Anatomy!

  11. I have always thought she was the hottest thing going on GA. That episode where she was dancing by herself in her “room” in the hospital basement (whenthe Chief found out she was camping out there) and the Chief walked in? Yes, honey — gorgeous, appealing, and sexy as hell. I think she is more appealing than any of her female costars, and her character kicks ass on top of that. I don’t think she is “fat” — I think that our eyes are used to seeing the subzero chicks to the point where Teri Hatcher, Paris, and Calista F. actually look “normal” to us. They are not. But when that’s all we see on TV, a size 12 LOOKS “fat” next to them. Sara is no fat girl, in my eyes. She’s real and curvy — I don’t mean curvy as a euphamism for heavy, I mean she is just curvy.

  12. I think reason that black and latin women are better able to carry their fat (or at least not get called on it as much) is because they are fat in the right places. A lot of time white women tend to carry their fat in the form of a huge gut, and don’t have much booty, boobs or biscuits. I think when you’re shaped the way sara is or america is, people are more inclined to make excuses for her. I think the gut is the demarcation line. Have a gut=you’re fat. Big with no gut, flat stomach=curvy. At least that’s what it seems like.

  13. I dont think she is fat. She dosnt have a huge belly or anything. I never have watched Grey’s Anatomy but now I want to be because she is really hot lol. I agree with Charlie’s definition and the fact that it really doesnt matter. But what are biscuits?

  14. you said:
    (You can also substitute “Latina” for “black” and it would still work, thanks to the common double standard that it’s okay, even attractive, if a Latina or a black woman is heavy, but neither if she’s white.)
    As an actress who submits for roles a lot, I find the opposite of this to be true more often than not. I have even seen posts that specifically ask that their full-figured women be Caucasian. So, that may actually be changing.
    Frankly, I think Sara Ramirez is a big girl, but I really wouldn’t call her “fat”. I think she’s gorgeous.

  15. Well, at least not “fat” in the negative context of the word.

  16. Charlie: I am inclined to agree. I just had a long conversation with a friend (after seeing the latest Fruit Of The Loom undies commercial) who is also heavy and she said she loves her body, but the gut has to go. It seems that if you have a lot of belly, then you ARE automatically labeled negative “fat”, even if the rest of your body is “curvy”. Has anyone seen the new Fruit Of The Loom commercial? Not ONE of those women looks like their tummy is ample–not even the top of it!

  17. Having a gut is not just from eating, or genes or being Fat. Some bigger, curvy girls were thin and slender once, then they developed this pooch (your version is called a gut) by having beatufiul children. It’s probably the hardest weight to lose, specially if you have children close together, but is there a better reason to gain a pooch? Or a better reason to show it off? It’s wonderful to be a mother, and we have to love ourselves before we can love our children, why not start with loving our pooches??

  18. I have a real problem with this article. Yes, Sara Ramirez is absolutely gorgeous but to masculinize Camryn Manheim plays into the very stereotypes that you are trying to destroy. In other words, it’s okay for Sara to be fat because she’s Hollywood gorgeous, completely heterosexual and just a regular character. However, Ms. Manheim, whose free spirited, beautiful but not the Hollywood sense and the fat one is seen as bad. I find this to be sexist, ageist and homophobic. So, now women cannnot be fat role models unless they are bombshells who are closer to representing
    subjugation of feminine ideals in tiny boxes? Wow! I thought this website was supposed to be “fat” and “feminist?” But then again, the word “feminist” is such nonsense that Ms. Manheim ought to be GLAD that you don’t like her!

  19. Sara Ramirez is a bombshell! I’d have to agree with more cowbell! Sara is the hotest thing going on at Seattle Grace and I would love to see more of her! Sara you are an absolutely gorgeous HOT SEXY LATINA and I say, “More power to you honey!”

    I really appreciate that this website is so open to the word “fat” and it is not used in a negative context! I strive to look like these women (IE: Sara Ramirez, America Ferrera) who are “fat” and strong and absolutely amazingly gorgeous!
    We have to remember though…its not all about the number, its the composition, and I think Sara Ramirez is the PERFECT example of “Hot n heavy!” 😉

  20. You mentioned in this blog that you are not using the word “FAT” as a negative, but how is that a positive word for anybody, but especially a gorgeous actress like Sarah Ramirez? I don’t mind comments like curvy, fluffy or even plus size, but let’s not call her FAT. At the most, she’s a size 14! Which is far from “fat.” Let’s reserve that word for the ones that truly are!

  21. Since when is size 12 the “standard beginning plus size?” I’m 5’9″ and wear a 12, and nobody would call me plus-size. (Although I am curvy – bosom and hips, with a well-defined waist.) I buy my clothes in the regular departments (usually “misses”) at Macy’s, Old Navy, Gap, etc. When I’ve shopped with my bigger friends at places like Lane Bryant aned Catherine’s, sizes usually start at 16W-18W, and there are darn few of those even. Granted, as someone mentioned previously, someone who is 6-7 inches shorter than me and wears the same size pants might be considered a “plus” but I don’t think it can be said that that’s the standard, since height/weight proportions must be taken into account.

  22. First of all I wouldn’t call Sara fat. She’s a large woman. There are certain features that she has due to her ethnicity. BUT, just because she’s latina doesn’t mean she’s good looking. Personally, I think she’s manly. Her dresses are often inappropriate. This voluptuous type label seems to make these women think it’s ok to expose themselves.

  23. all i have to say is she is hot.attention all the rail thin girls,call sally struthers and borrow 80c a day to get some meat on them bones your not hot it’s not attractive.Sara u go on being you, ur a great actress and great person

  24. Thank you for using the word FAT! It’s so important for people to start owning that word, instead of running away from it. Whoever said not to call Sara fat because she’s talented is so ill-informed it’s insane. Said person is exactly what’s wrong with society.

    I think Sara is a very talented actress and you know what? She’s fat too!


  26. Sara Ramirez is gorgeous! I am a size 14 and trying to get back to a size 12 after having a baby. She is my inspiration to be size 12 and gorgeous.

  27. I think she’s the hottest female in grey’s anatomy! yes, she’s big but big is beautiful! and she looks perfect as she is. So much better compared to meredith grey or christina yang!

  28. She is fat and being latina is not excuse because they are a lot of latinas skiny like Eva from Desperate Husewifes. As fat as she is I think she know she is fat because I read like her bio in this web page:
    I think is realy sad.

  29. i just read that article and she looks great for a sizw 12! i used to be a size 10 and thought i was the fattest ever and now im almost a size 16 and have been for almost 5 years and i’m learning to be ok with it! I eat well, i exercise, i’m healthy! sure, i’m big but that’s who i am. and thats who sara ramirez is.. a hot smooking size 12 who looks heaps better than the size 0’s!

  30. I don’t think she is fat. Her smile is sweet.

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  32. I’ve always been concerned with my weight and have always had a poor self esteem. Last May, I was a size 12, and I’ve gained some weight since then, so I’m most likely a 14. But having her be on a very hot TV show and being a great actress, helps me re-evaluate my weight “problem,” which I don’t really have one. I do agree that Hollywood is so bent on weight that it’s horrible! She’s healthy, she looks good! And I’m healthy! Go Sara!!

  33. There’s only one “F” word to describe Sara Ramirez and that word is ” FINE ” !!!!!!

  34. I think she’s gorgeous! And I love that her character isn’t the typical best friend of the main girl who never does anything but help comfort main girl about all her relationships. She is not that character, and I love it. Another show is October Road. Have you seen it? The character of Janet is a curvy girl and she dates the hottest guy on the show. It’s a real different show than any of the other prime time mess I’ve been seeing. I hear that they are cancelling it, but I’ve enjoyed it for two seasons.

  35. Yes, she is fat, but not negative. Her success and popularity approve again that people are loved for not only her appearance of body, but also the inner mind. That is! Big/fat people have much pressure from the society. But I believ that most of them are leading a positive life. Everyone should have their own life. We big women should love ourselves. Many big women have been doing this.

  36. Yes, she is fat, but not negative. Her success and popularity approve again that people are loved for not only her appearance of body, but also the inner mind. That is! Big/fat people have much pressure from the society. But I believ that most of them are leading a positive life. Everyone should have their own life. We big women should love ourselves. Many big women at have been doing this.

  37. I don’t like those really thin sick looking girls. I think Sara is a beautiful woman with a beautiful body.

  38. I think she has a wide bone frame and that is why she looks fat at her normal weight. I know women like that.

  39. Oh My God what’s WRONG with you people?!? She is NOT by any means “fat” she’s not out of shape. We have all been brainwashed by Hollywood’s standard of “beauty” and it’s a shame!! I am a size 6 and seriously, I am offended.

  40. She is gorgeous! Fat, thin, or purple.
    I’m proud she’s with us!

  41. (note: I agree with Julie’s comment from October 4. Nevetheless, thanks so much for this piece; it has a lot to say, and even though I never write on internet boards, I felt moved to respond.)

    First, condolences to Ms Ramirez, whose best friend died this past week.

    Second, OMFG. How could one person not only be so incredibly fucking GORGEOUS but also so amazingly talented AND a truly nice person??!! I’m flabbergasted.

    Even though she was friends with one of my siblings in college, and I’d seen her perform impressively way back then, I’m late to the Sara Ramirez show — only recently getting tv after swearing off it in college, and the first thing I saw, my first week’s return to tv, was an old episode of Law and Order in which there was this street hooker character who was so captivating from every standpoint — looks, delivery, affect — that I scanned the 1-second credits looking for her name. To no avail.

    That night I saw Grey’s Anatomy and just about had an embolism. It was the captivating actress who played the hooker, now cast as Callie. WOW.

    I think that, at 35 years of age, I have my first crush on an actor since, I don’t know, Wonder Woman. 🙂

    I went to youtube and watched every single video that’s up about her and, if you don’t know this, you might be surprised to see all the fan-created videos, splices of her with their favorite music, her on-screen kisses played over and over — it’s quite the obsession.

    And I’m right there with them.

    The BEST part is that I’m totally fat-phobic, which I’ve acknowledged as a problem (think how much worse it would be if i HAD watched tv all these years, with its anorexic stars).

    And yet — Sara Ramirez and the people who have hired her and NOT told her to slim down but instead asked her to dance in her underwear — these people are subtly but significantly changing the world for women.

    I looked at those two photos of her from the 2005/2006 Tony Awards that were posted above, and I have to tell you, the THICKER one is the one that makes my heart start to pound IT’S the one that makes me go WHOA! Now THAT’S a woman!

    I’ve never felt this before, and I’m so, so grateful. Thanks!

  42. omg, what’s your problem with weight? Wait, you’re the one with the weight problem. Hmm, how sad. HA! get over your self and learn how to judge your self before others.

  43. 2005,2006, rite up to now – SARA RAMIREZ is HOT HOT HOT!!! a real woman

    you can keep all your paris hiltons an nic ritchie stick figure girls

    mark, brisbane australia.

  44. Sara Ramirez is gorgeous! But I don’t think she’s a size 12 now. In the first photo, she may have been a 12. In the second photo, she’s at least a 14. We have the same proportions, so I know what both a 12 and a 14 looks like in photos.

  45. She is smokin hot!! Just because most stupid men think the skinny ones are sexy, doesnt mean us lesbians feel that way.
    you can have the skinny ones boys..give me the sweet,thick, juicy ones any day!!

  46. Sara is hot hot hot, I’d run off with her in a heartbeat.

    ’bout time a woman with curves got some airtime out there in “scrawn town”

  47. sara is verry beautiful. She causes a reaction which is more than can be said for Paris or some other skanks. Size aside, she is just stunning. Have you heard her sing? You know she not only sang in Spamalot but also all of the songs for Disney’s pochahontas.

  48. for me it doesnt matter…she is damn hot nd I LOVE seeing her on screen…that what makes her different from all the members of bonedotcom…..nd her smile….wouldnt u go gay for that??i mean Im married woman,but this lady is fuckingfreaking hot !!!

  49. Fat is not Sara Ramirez. Fat is the guy who can’t get out of his house because he is 1000 lbs. Sara Ramirez may have more fat on her than most Hollywood women but she is definitely not fat. I am a curvy woman and I love that Sara is out there for people to see. “Fat” women do deserved to be loved and respected. And..yes, some men like women who aren’t a size 0. I think Hollywood has given some of us the idea that if we don’t diet down, no one will ever love us. This is what keeps up on the diet circuit of perfection. I want to know who made size 10-12 a bad number? Why is that plus size anyways?

  50. So what..she is stunning! I first saw that smile, those eyes, those curves and said,”now that’s a beautiful woman!” The world worries to much about size. I saw a picture of Sophia Loren in the men’s room at an italian resteraunt, I know, odd, but the pictures was of a curvy, confident, sexy woman. Look in the mirror and thank God for what he has given you and bronx cheer the media hype because they are sadly mistaken.

  51. I wouldn’t call her fat, fat is like, size 16 and sumtimes 14 but it depends on the person like she doesnt look like she should be any skinnier then what she is, the way she is suits her and she is S T U N N I N G so why change it? shes not fat.. If she ways over 150 pounds it cos of her height. she just isn’t like an 8 or 6. oh no!

  52. Emma and I think that if we get the choice to make our daughters fat or skinny, we’ll probably pick one of each, just in case things work out one way or the other.

  53. no, well yeah kind of but come on she’sgorgeous!

  54. I must say she is HOT!!!

  55. She is absolutely stunning and does not need to lose an ounce. She’s gorgeous, I adore her.

  56. She’s gorgeous! I don’t think she’s fat, she just has a very curvy body type and she’s tall so she’s got long slender legs. She’s the prettiest one on Grey’s Anatomy!

  57. She is Hot Hot

  58. She is the most beautifull person I have ever seen…gotta say, I’m really crushing on her!
    And from all I’ve seen, read and heard of her, she seems like a really sweet person too! lets hope so….and that she’s gay (or bi), hehe!
    I love a woman with a Little ekstra, she is just perfect!
    I really think she is…in my eyes she is perfection!


  60. in no way shape or form is she fat! she is a beautiful girl with a face that is prettier then a lot of modles ive ever seen. she is a women that i look up to. and her curves make her beautiful. any one whos says shes fat is just jealous of her. she is what a women should look like. not all the tiny girls running around. sarah is one of the prettiest girls i have ever seen. i would kill to have looks like hers

  61. totally agree with Rachel 🙂 sara is my curvalicious dream xD

  62. sarah is one of the sexiest womaen on tv. i agree with most of the people on here that she is a beautiful curvy girl. and i like most men in the world like curves. don’t believe what you read in redbook.

  63. Sara is a beautiful stunning woman. What you are all failing to realize is that the camera truly does add ten pounds. Speaking from years of experience I know that at 5’10” and 130 pounds, the camera makes me look more like 140. A lot of it has to do with camera angles, but in other ways our screens are horizontal not vertical which you have to consider with length vs. width differential. Ever noticed those flat panel televisions that are much wider than the average screen adds to the “weight” of the person in front of the camera.

    Speaking from another point of view, a medium frame individual at 5’9″ tall can pull off a size 12 and still be in the healthy weight category, look at body frame/weight and then size. Brooke Smith for example is 5’10 1/2″ She is a size 10…that is by no means overweight. It is perfect for her height.

    I am 5’10” and 130, but that is just how my body is built…Brooke and Sara are built differently than myself, but they are real women, beautiful, sexy, hot, amazing women. We are made to believe that a size 0 is standard, which it is not. I am a size 2-4 (No I do not have anorexia nor do I look anorexic) and have a chest that you’d not expect of someone my “size”.

    If you noticed in any of the scenes where Sara was dancing in her underwear, that crazy toilet scene, or taking her shirt off in front of Brooke in the on call room she’s actually pretty lean.

  64. OK avg in this country is a size 14, 5’4 ‘ tall woman. So yes I would consider such a person as fat. But Sara?? No she is simply healthy. I believe that she is the right weight for her height and build. Yes she is curvy – she has an hour glass shape. But curvy is simply different from those who body types are pear or stick shaped. You all think that she is fat cause she is next to a size 0 or 00 (Ellen Pompao) Used to be a size 8 was hollywood normal, now it is a 0 or 00, at most a 2. The size 00 was created in the last 10 years for these super skinny actresses and models. plus sizing starts at a 14. (I used to do plus size modeling so I know.) A couple of lines do carry a couple of items sized 12 to help those who fall between the misses size 12 and women’s 14.

    Sara is simply gorgeous. I would give anything to look like her because that would mean that I was healthy and not fat. (I am fat – 50lbs overweight). Create an avatar using her height and 165 (top of her height/weight recommendations) and you will find that her figure is a little thinner than that of the avatar.

    So now – do you still think she is fat??

  65. SARA RAMIREZ IS ugly.. i mean people come on, look at her! she is so ugly how can you say sh’s hot, stunning or even pretty, are you blind? look at her face! it makes me wanna puke plus she’s so big and FAT ugly and fat ..come on get some glasses cuz you people really need them.. sorry but she is ZERO PERCENT hot…i think greys anatomy could pick a hot mexican if they wanted too, not her, im not saying she is a bad actress cuz she is good, i really like her performance but STOP saying she is pretty and gorgeour… please dont compare her to others.. look at penelope cruz or eva mendez i dont know, other mexican actress they are pretty…but sara?.. k im outta here


    • you should go get a life.I really cant blame yoy for what ou said though cuz if i was an ugly,fucked up, bigot asshole like you i would be mad st beautiful people.Sara is so freakin’ gorgeous! I’m a size four but i know what fat is and she definitely is not in that category! And btw, if you call sara fat and ugly what would you call your mama,bitch?

    • you should go get a life.I really cant blame you for what you said though cuz if i was an ugly,fucked up, bigot asshole like you i would be mad at beautiful people too.Sara is so freakin’ gorgeous! I’m a size four but i know what fat is and she definitely is not in that category! And btw, if you call sara fat and ugly what would you call your mama,bitch?

  66. C’est vraiment une trs belle femme ! She’s so pretty !

  67. I don’t know what your problem is. She’s a very pretty woman and she’s NOT fat, she’s just allowed to be a woman, you know, in my country, most of the men like women who have curves like her. And I think SHE’s lookin good with it.

  68. Hi, lovely curvy ladies, I’m proud to say I’m a red-blooded male and find Sara and others of her shape DAMN SEXY!!! That is what a real woman should be built like, not some pathetic stick insect with hipbones jutting out, scarecrow chests, toothpick legs (sorry, Scott but you’re out in the cold here!). Rubens et al had it spot-on, and I’m so pleased to see more women being proud of who they are and how they’re put together. As long as you’re happy and healthy (note, NO thumbs-up for obesity!), who dares to criticise someone else’s body shape?! Hell, I’m 6ft.8″…yet I’ve always been attracted to curvaceous cuties around the 5ft-5ft.4″ mark. Go figure!

  69. leave sara alone that girl fine just the way she is. she is the hottest woman on the show and in hollywood! gooooooooo sara!

  70. yeah i agree also that shes fat but she definitely carry her self well….
    to those people who always question here figure….well then…GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope to see Sara here in my country…(Philippines)
    we love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I D O L………….

  71. lol haha i didn’t know i was fat!!!!!! :/ this is not sara ramirez!!!! but it sara ramirez you know what i mean cuz this chik up their has the same name as i do!!! :/ and then i thought it was really me i was lik heyy i though their was really a website for ME!!!! :/ but i guezz thier isn’t :`(

  72. sara is damn sexy i bet both you are! i like my women full fiqured! i bet you my kind of woman sara.

  73. i’ll tell you what! i would if i got a chance love sara a very long, long time!

  74. You know what makes me pissy?
    When I type ‘Sara Ramirez’ into a search engine and suggested results like ‘Sara Ramirez weight’ come up. Not ‘Sara Ramirez Grey’s’ or ‘Sara Ramirez Spamalot’…but in our self-loathing society, her weight takes precedent over everything else. The same goes with any other celebrity bigger than my pinky.

    I’m a small girl, and I find every last bit of her lovely. I think Sara throws people for a loop, because she’s bigger on the inside than the outside. Her personality, smile, the whole package is definitely enviable.

  75. FAT?! I understand you are trying to make this article as positive and all-encompossing as possible, but dear lord, STOP SETTLING. You settle with the word fat because thats what generic cookie-cutter Hollywood calls “this.” *THIS* a Ms. Sara Ramirez is not FAT. She’s a Healthy Beautiful NORMAL SIZE WOMAN. She’s a representative of 66% of healthy NORMAL size women in America. A REPRESENTATIVE. Now THERE’S a better adjective than what the tiny minority (with apparently a loud belittling voice) wants us to classify ourselves as,.. FAT. And you know what??,… that loud belitttling voice of the grumpy underfed Hollywood is so unhappy there IS no middle ground. They bitch at women because they’re too heavy in that bikini. They bitch at women because they’re deathly skin and bones on the runway. Women can’t win unless they STOP SETTLING for what other people tell them that they are. Stop living by other peoples adjectives and start living by the verb, REPRESENT. REPRESENT the other 66% of women out there including Sara Ramirez,.. WE don’t get enough media time.

  76. Shaped like a real woman.
    No problem with that at all. =]

  77. Yes. She is FAT. In 2006 she was “real woman” healthy, and in 2007 she got fat.

    Yes, 66% of Americans are fat, which could make that “normal”. Just because it is normal doesn’t mean it’s /healthy/. HALF of the people in America who are “fat” are actually obese, and are in denial about their health issues. It is sad that it can be so damaging to their self-esteem, but please don’t help these people live in their denial and continue to physically hurt their bodies for the sake of their feelings…

  78. Um, I hate to undermine the glowing praise she’s receiving here, but Sara Ramirez’s only redeeming feature is a moderately attractive face… Her body I would liken unto an NFL linebacker’s. In short, not sexy… at all.

  79. OK, I’m way late to be responding to this, but in answer to the question as to whether or not Sara Ramirez is fat, I say, “Who the hell cares?” As the blogger so ably pointed out, she is smokin’ hot. Sexy can’t by measured with numbers.

  80. Who cares what size she is she’s gorgeous just leave it at that and stop making a big deal about her weight ffs!

  81. fat?? really? doesn’t matter, she is so pretty you can’t take your eyes off of her! she has all the curves a woman should have and then some! sure she could drop a few pounds but then she doesn’t have to because you still can’t take your eyes off of her even if she does have a few extra pounds! i think she is one of the prettiest women on tv hands down! i would ask her out in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. I think she is fat and the ugliest thing on Grey’s besides Sandra Oh…she looks like a tranny with all that makeup and kind of like a PIG! :S Fat women can never be hot or sexy or compete with skinny chicks! Why do you think all supermodels are thin? Because that is what people like and want! Only guys who can’t get skinny chicks go for fat ones…lol

    • You’re a jackhole….Supermodels are thin because designers want women to see the clothes walking on a hanger. Obviously a man who doesn’t know about fashion or women!

    • People like you are not fit to even be on earth. You are on diminsional…. judging someone solely on looks. Guess what schnookims? Whatever you look like now… no matter how ‘hot’ you are? It is gonna fade someday and what is gonna be left is a jerk. A cold hearted, one diminsional jerk. Good luck finding anyone who will love that. Beauty is about what a person is, not the outer shell. But you are not capable of understanding that.

  83. @ Scott who left a comment on April 24, 2009 at 2:14 pm : I think you should go get a life. I cant blame u for what u said,cuz if i was an ugly, fucked up bigot asshole like you i would be mad at beautiful people too.Sara Ramirez is one of the most gorgeous and talented female on the planet.I mean ella es muy,muy picanti.If u call her ugly i wonder what you would call your mama!

  84. I think shes gorgeous, lovely and hot! So what shes curvy? Atleast shes not a ruddy plank! I think shes great! How can you say shes ugly! AND SHES NOT FAT!! >< 🙂 Curvy girls all the way!!! 🙂 xx

  85. […] Is Sara Ramirez Fat? « Fat FeminismWhy is it so shocking that, when we look at Sara Ramirez, we have an inkling that she may be fat? (“Fat”, of course, never being a negative … […]

  86. She’s nice and she really knows how to act (she can be sexy by acting sexy), but the thing is she is very big. Not only she is fat, but tall as well.. this doesn’t suit her well, she is/was dating George and has twice his shoulder breadth. This shouldn’t happen with a girl.

    Also, she definitely is not “smokin'” hot. In Europe a girl this fat wouldn’t be considered attractive, but I guess you’re used to it. I guess it’s normal putting girls you can actually relate to on screen, instead of people you never see in a crowd.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s pretty and natural, but not a beauty by any standards.

  87. I only read a few of the replies but I would like to add my two cents nonetheless.

    To Daniel from Feb. 8: I’m European and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t believe she should be considered “fat” (negatively or otherwise) because she simply is not; being ‘fat’ shouldn’t depend on your stature (i.e. height and shoulders, as you mentioned, and let’s not forget how little T.R. Knight is, anyway and that he was dwarfed by the entire cast) but in girth. She is not pear-shaped nor is she bottom heavy or have a large/hanging stomach. She has curves and hips and breasts but that’s her build and clearly not handfuls of lard.

    She has a beautiful face – wide, bright eyes, perfect teeth, full lips and a near perfectly symmetrical profile. Along with that she has a defined waist (again, NOT just a ring of fat around her middle), accentuated hips and she’s not flat; all in all, she’s the epitome of the exotic woman: tall, dark, curvy. It’s one thing if she’s not your type but an entirly different one for you to call her unattractive.

    I don’t find Jeniffer Aniston particularly attrative but I can’t deny that she looks good. Just think critically and analyze before you post.

    Same thing goes to the author: just because Sara Ramirez’s bones aren’t showing doesn’t mean that you can ‘claim her as a fatty’.

  88. JJ, you’re an idiot. I’d love to see a picture of you and analyze it. Sara Ramirez is (as Arizona calls it) breathtakingly stunning! Not only that, she has a personality that makes everyone feel great when they are around her. I met her and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The woman oozes sex appeal and class. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and when you look like Sara Ramirez, it is very hard to come by a beautiful personality along with it. She’s the full package!

  89. Sara Ramirez is the perfect example of what a woman should look like. Why do we have to label people to make them fit in a category? Who cares what size she wears or whether she has gained weight? She is a gorgeous, sexy, curvaceous, bright and amazing woman and we should appreciate her for those things without the need to apply any label that has negative connotations. The world would be a kinder place if we could find ways to build people up rather than constantly seeking ways to tear them down.

  90. I do not care if you are saying fat in the no negative way. Sara Ramirez is gorgeous and she is not fat. All because she isn’t size -0 doesn’t mean you get to call her fat or curvy, because she is not.

    She is so beautiful and I hate to think people will call her fat or curvy.

    I think how she looks and what size she is, is how she was born and that’s what she looks like, we all look different don’t we?

    Sara is amazing. ♥

  91. Sara is stunning, such a beautiful woman. You would think the narrow minded thinking in Hollywood would get over issues with people’s weight or lack there of. I’d take Sara any day of the week over some skinny, sickly looking person that’s trying to fit the mold of every other actress in Hollywood. Sara is a unique actress, she has actual talent as opposed to the majority of up and coming young Hollywood. Love her on Grey’s, love her story line , she’s great.

  92. Sara’s THE reason I watch Grey’s Anatomy – the woman is smokin’ HOT!!!

  93. All i have to say is that i too only watch greys anatomy because of Sara…well specifically because of the roller coaster relationship callie & arizona have(they are the best couple on the show)…BUT mainly because of callies character….shes a HOT, sexy, intelligent& beautiful Latina woman…. I dont think she would look good without the curves….some women are just meant to have curves…and u gotta admit Sara Ramirez works those curves!!!!!….in my book she’s the hottest one on greys anatomy…and arizona is the cutest 🙂

  94. she is not fat! 10 or a 12 is a 30/32 inch waist. how many men have that measurements? Not many. Because she doesn’t smoke 12 packs a day to stay at some bullsh@t standard set by a barbie doll in the 1950’s? Now its not enough that celebrities or actresses be thin, but toned and if you have a baby then lose the baby weight in 3 weeks. Get over the size 4/6’s in this country, unless a woman is under 5’1″ tall that is ridiculous.

  95. I feel sorry for you. You’re clearly hard up for something to talk about who cares how big she is. Get a life.

  96. C) Um, she’s completely smokin’ hot. (re Is Sara Ramirez Fat?)


    I have long since been a huge fan of hers, ever since she debuted. Easily the hottest of any of the women on Grey’s since Izzie, and tbh she was comparable to Izzie too.

  97. She is a little big. I have to admit it, but it looks good on her. Sara wouldn’t look right if she was a little twig. Sara rocks her curves and is proud of them!

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  100. She is absolutely hot and gorgeous. My favorite GA character. How can anyone call her ugly???? :O

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  105. She is FINE!

  106. But at least now she looks thinner but she is still beautiful no matter what size she is

  107. I think it is really offensive to call someone as beautiful and healthy as her fat. I think the word “fat” should only be used when that person is unhealthy. Just because someone isn’t skinny, doesn’t mean that they are fat.

  108. Who cares if she’s fat or not!? She’s hideously ugly!!! People need to stop choking themselves. She’s not attractive she’s not cute she’s not gorgeous she’s not a bombshell. Except for the in the fact that if we dropped her over London she would destroy half the city. She would destroy a quarter of it because she’s fat. And the other quarter would kill themselves because you so ugly.

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