Lily Allen’s Cry for Help

lily-cryung.jpgBreaking news courtesy of my man Perez.

According to this blog entry she posted this past weekend on her official MySpace page, it seems as though Miss Allen is in desperate need of help.

She writes:

Saturday, May 12, 2007

fat, ugly and shitter than winehouse

that is all i am, im on my own in america again. I used to pride myself on being strong minded and not being some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look. I felt like it didnt matter if I was a bit chubby cause, im not a model, I’m a singer. Im afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine. I write to you in a sea of tears from my hotel bed in Seattle, I have spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery, and laser lipo suction.

A bit chubby? Gastric Bypass? Lip Suction? Where do these phrases even enter into Allen’s orbit?

To me, she is gorgeous. She’s right though – she’s not stick thin. But who really wants her to be? She’s average and curvy. She doesn’t look disgusting, she looks healthy and beautiful. And not just beautiful, but hot!




Wasn’t she once proud of being natural? Wasn’t she once an opponent of the media’s standards? In this clip, she claims, “I’m not going to stop enjoying myself just because fashion tells me I shouldn’t be.”

(Thanks to CeleBodies for the link.)

This makes me very sad. I mean, first of all, she’s hardly chubby. But I can see how she might feel she is when paparazzi release unflattering pictures like these:


This wouldn’t make me feel good about myself either. But what she doesn’t realize is you just can’t look fantastic all the time (although she usually does.)

So, what’s wrong with being real? (even though her definition of being “real” is much thinner than our “real”.) Aren’t real women supposed to have curves? Does she want to look as haggard and emaciated as her supposed foil Amy Winehouse?


Honestly, though I love her music, I have to admit that Amy looks horrible. I don’t want Lily ending up like this. I don’t want her going through the same transformation that Amy went through when she went from looking normal like this:


To looking skeletal like this:


Finally, Lily, can’t weigh more than 130 lbs at most. You need to be at least over one hundred pounds overweight to even be considered for gastric bypass. What is she thinking? What’s going through her mind that makes her think you need a surgery like that or even lipo?

Lily, you’re not fat. Be a healthy role model, not a pathetic, clichéd statistic.


~ by Rob Anne on May 14, 2007.

85 Responses to “Lily Allen’s Cry for Help”

  1. My guess is maybe Lily went through a random, emotional moment of weakness/self-consciousness. I’m hoping it’s the sort of thing where she wakes up the next morning, feels better, and realizes that she doesn’t need anything so drastic.

    And I agree about Amy Winehouse. She has good music, but does anybody really want to be her, an underweight alcoholic that’s always in the British tabloids?

  2. This is extremely sad….. She looks great the way she is… and the media takes these weird pictures and now she wants get gastric bypass and lip reduction. I just think that is so unfair. I love Amy Winehouse’s music but that white stuff got her so messed up. She was skinny before but damn. This society now makes it impossible to raise a girl. This is really sad

    Truly Curvaceous 😦

  3. First of all, we all know that Lily Allen is crazy to begin with. I feel that at heart she really is just an insecure little girl [she’s only 22!] putting up the front of the edgy bitch who doesn’t back down to anyone. On the other hand Amy Winehouse is a self-proclaimed nutty alcoholic who is slowly killing herself and proud of it. As she says, they tried to make her go to rehab, but she said NO. NO. NO. And Winehouse looks like a bloated balloon in the before picture. In the after she just looks like a skanky street walker. I seriously would think that was a prostitute.

    And I wouldn’t exactly put Lily Allen and “role model” in the same sentence.

  4. She’s feeling better about herself now, check out her newest blog.

  5. I completely agree with you that Lily looks gorgeous just the way she is. The thing that I find most startling about this whole thing is how the entertainment industry can completely warp a girl’s body image so easily! Also, I never knew what a dramatic transformation Amy Winehouse went through… the before and after pictures are shocking. I also wrote about Lily’s post on my blog:

  6. I feel sad that people are having a go at Amy Winehouse, if you don’t like the pressure put on especially young women to conform to thinness then why do you feel it’s OK to have a go at AW? I am probably twice her size and think she looks OK. Do you think they play that ‘look at the state of her’ only with people with some fat on ’em? Amy is a wonderful vocalist, dedicated to being the best she can be. I don’t know why she has lost weight, but even if their is something wrong, why do you think hate and ridicule will cure it?

  7. So that’s what 130 pounds looks like? That is what the BMI is telling us is healthy now?!

  8. I personally think Allen is really beautiful. I think Winehouse is digustingly ugly. She’s not only too skinny she looks like a man.

  9. The pressure to be stick thin must be unbearable for those in the Hollywood limelight. They ALL seem to go that way eventually. I’m thankful to just have a normal life. It’s a shame because I really like Lily Allen just as she is but I’m sure we will see ‘less’ of her in times to come.

  10. lily is very awesome. who in the heck EVER said girls need to be skinny? the only reason people even think that is because they have been made to believe that.

    winehouse looks like a thin piece of poop.

    check out le blog.

  11. Jackie: as a 130-135 lb, 5’4″ healthy and very very fit person (run on avg 45 miles a week, have run two marathons in 3hrs30mins), I can tell you that Amy Winehouse is more like 85 lbs. Seriously, I my weight, I look bigger than Lily Allen does in those pics (I mean, a little) — nothing like Amy Winehouse. Who looks disgusting btw.

  12. lily allen is obviously insecure and young I excuse her hateful comments as a telltale sign of her own self hate. It is sad to hear her go off about everyone I don’t care about her weight, and if she is not careful she might get what she makes fun of in Amy, people are so careful about ripping on overweight people but rip on underweights to me both extremes are eating dissorders and it i s reverse prejudice, being addicted to opiates is the worst most painful affliction I would not wish it on anyone, hopefully little Lily will never understand for herself you can’t just snap out of it.

  13. Amy Winehouse looks horrid. Lily looks good to me. I prefer seeing some fat on people than the opposite.

  14. I think Lily is stunning!!

    Sadly, though she has lost weight and is modelling now so this debate is dead!

  15. i love lily allen. she’s driving me wild of wondering something 🙂

  16. first of all amy your beautiful i cant tell u what to do i can suggest to yeah go to rehab. i did and my life , life your here once only once do u get to be u , once. now lilly your flat out beautiful and i love your body your cute your beautiful and maybe lack some selfesteem and confidence under those lies that our mind likes to tell us. go talk to a pro 35 male and clean and sobre for 6yrs and my life is better than it use to be. i hope u find the lite and teh spiritual path is nt always about sappy shit if any thing its about humility and i think u might need alittle . i wish u well all the best

  17. lily babe jus stay away from winehouse and ignore her your a better person and singer than her just have nuffin do with her

    i luv you so much xxxxx (i am a member of public so you don’t know me)

    she is abusolutly not, fat is 50-100lbs overweight.
    I can understand why she would think that she is too big… although she looks real, like she hasnt puked up her meals and avoided the crack and diet pills. Every other celebrite isstick skinney, I hope she doesnt want to be like everybody else, because that is why so many people like her; she is real. Paris isnt real, Britney spears isnt real, Amy winehouse isnt real, she is too far from reality because of the drugs to be real.
    Lily, if you read this: WE LOVE YOU FOR YOU.


  20. I think everyone should be required to go to Rehab, whether they want to or not. I would go to “Promises” in Malibu because of the great weather, the beautiful people there and maybe, just maybe Lindsay will come back and misbehave with me.

    Seriously, Amy is lovely with a few pounds on her. Eat, Amy, eat. She plans on going to rehab after Christmas so let’s wish her the best, best, bets.

  21. Awww, this is so sad!! She is so gorgeous and cute, and anyone who thinks lily is ‘fat’ is crazy!! She is way more beautiful than AW. She has a great, unique sense of style and her music is absolutley wonderful!! We love you Lily!

  22. Amy and Lily are both very talented, and I totally have the hots for Lily, but the thing that constantly amazes me is… just how frickin judgmental women can be towards each other. I just googled Amy Whinehouse and you just had to pick the crappiest pic of her, didn’t you?

    It seems like “thin” or “fat”, women are just going to diss each other.

  23. Funny. I found this YouTube video and Lily totally agrees with me.

    That video is also hilarious for a rather candid confession.

    Anyway, surely no responsible doctor would give Lily by-pass surgery. My guess is she was talking sh*t anyway. Probably more frustration than real intent.

  24. hey she not fat she a goot singer and beutifal girl she is a lovel girl i woundt wana see her looking like amy coz that woundt be rite lily is just rite the way she is and i hope she dosent change her body coz she is beutifal as she is so plz stay the way u are lily ur beutifal

  25. i think lilly is hot, she has nothing to worry about, she has lots of money, she does wot she wants and if worst comes to worst she can afford treatment or a personal execise prgram woth top trainers/dietisions

  26. maybe only WE think she’s great and beautiful but she’s not happy with herself.. and if this happens there’s nothing that nobody can do for her… ’cause that’s something inside her head.. it’s difficult but it’s sth that follows u your whole fuckin’ life!! I don’t know why.. maybe is something genetic or maybe a mental problem but I’m in the same case even when people say that I’m ok or that I’m pretty there’re days in which I feel ugly, fat and miserable.


  27. Dear Lily Allen You Must Be The Most Beautiful Girl I Have Ever Known How Dare You Even Think Your Fat You Are You Attractive Cute And Most Of All You Have A Lovely Body If I Were You I Woudn’t Have A Care In The World From Your Biggest Fan


  28. She’s a UK 8/US 4 now!! She’s dropped from a UK 12/US 8!

    My gawd that’s dramatic in just a couple of months!

  29. OMG I love this article, you are totally right!

  30. Also i just wanna say that “Lily, you rock and you’re beautiful!”

  31. You are absolutely beautiful, if I looked like you I be over the moon!!! Keep rocking babes!! Luv ya

  32. If you end up like AW I dont know who my heroine will be, mabey my Mum!!!!????? luv u loads darlin!!!!!

  33. I’m from South Africa, and and as far as I’m concerned your a GODDESS, please appreciate it as we do, your amazingly gorgeous and so talented, damn hollywood and fashion for making woman do this to themselves aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. oy!
    couldn’t really believe when i saw this thing. I mean, come on!!! lily?? what does she have to do with trying to be liked? she doesn’t have to try, to be liked. She only has to be herself and she is LOVED. This comes from a thin ass. I’m a model, and yea, i’m thin. But that’s because i am like that, not because i’m trying to.

    if lily really reads this, i would tell her, pff there is nothing to worry about. Even more, i thing it was a short term depresion. I’m sure she realized everything by now.
    Fashion business is important because they make it look like it is. Been there, done that, nothing in fashion business brings me in the mood that LDN does.
    all the best 😉

  35. poor thing. i love her music, and i agree that shes very hot. keep it strong lil!

  36. ok

  37. I think she is more beautiful than britney. Lily, just keep the way you look and enjoy yourself in that way! You have our back up!

  38. u look beutiful forget those ppl who tell u any different i think ur kinda hot and cute, but, listen to ur heart, not someone elses, besides follow quote ” life is not worth living if u cant live ur life”- Mr. C

  39. you rock

  40. you are beautiful in every way!

  41. You look very beautiful in every way Lily and love you just he way you are sugar, so keep your head up to the sky and lets all pray for Britney coz i love her too..chow baby

  42. hi lily i think you are so cute and i love ya songs so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  43. send me one of ya albems please xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  44. i honestly think she’s beautiful and she should stay the way she is. god she’s hot

  45. I don’t Lily is fat :O (and even if she was..who cares..she’s a singer not a model) I don’t understand what people are saying..anything skinner than what she looks like in those pics is totally unattractive, I also say she looks healthy and fine…she should just ingore all the silly people who have nothing else better to do and enjoy life..and food is one of life’s enjoyables ^^
    can’t wait for her next album~

  46. In the end we’re all human. Just because nine times out of ten someone is strong and comfortable with themselves doesn’t mean that person isn’t influenced by the worlds statistics as well. Take it as just that, a blog is an outlet of your emotional state of mind. We all have our days of feeling fat, we all have things we don’t like about ourselves. Don’t judge Lily just because she showed that she is normal. That she too is not perfect.

  47. She should give up harmfull makes her unhealty.ı think ıts only reason of her problems.

  48. I´d choose Lily anyday over winohouse, but then again, i might just not be into crz junkie loonie bins tho, lily allen is not chubby shes perfect, what i like about her is that she looks “natural” and not made up barbie like, she´s cool and lucious in her own right,and a great singer, seriously!!! And theres been skinny, less skinny, and chubby singerettes all down the history, and they wasnt measured on their weight, take Aretha Franklin fx. ok ok shes fat tho, but man does she sing ! Who cares Lily, u can call me anyday, by the way im a chef, lol and im not skinny, nor fat tho, but i never saw a man that liked food that didnt pack a extra pound or 2 =) XOXO Keep ya curves babe =)

  49. Lily’s awful. She has a huge fat belly and thighs with teeny weeny man-boobs

  50. It’s just a moment of insecurity, most of the time her blogs are different.She lives her life by her own rules and inspires a lot of people to do the same.I admire the way she puts herself out there. Besides, a writer for the tabloids said Fat Ugly and Sh**Tier than Amy Winehouse NOT HER! Lily Allen just used it as a caption for her blog

  51. Lily Allen looks fine honestly not just because of her music or attitude. I mean simply put if she wasn’t famous and I saw her walk by I’d do the full head swivel checkout combined with a crude term of endearment ie: “Damn!” or “I’d like to explicative her explicatively” There are much more eloquent ways I could’ve put that but suffice she’s hot and in my personal taste hotter than Ms.Winehouse.

  52. dont me so silly lily your so stunin if a girl could tern me it would be you

  53. Wait how tall is Lily? She probably weighs more than 130, but no I wouldn’t call her fat. More like “average.”

  54. i think lily allen is soooper cool she is healthy and beautiful and i wuv all of her clothes and i dont know why she would even wanna look like amy winehouse because she is not the most attractive person who walks earth lily allen is a great role model

  55. all that money and your depressed. top urself go on. mite get frnt page again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah poor old lilly stop being a spoilt brat and live ur life girl! do u no how many girls would love to live the life u live. u shud be ashamed of urself.

  56. You got money … Stop being a b*tch and buy yourself a life. Celebs always think they have the big problems. Makes me sick.

  57. lily… IF YOU EVER DO THAT TO YOURSELF I WILL KILL YOU!! i feel bad about those stupid pigs following you around, but … can’t you just realize you’re beautiful?? lily, you’re amazing and unique and no matter how many sites i have to go on i will stay on your side and always write the positive.

  58. lilly allen is the perfect one for my taste… no matter her changes, she’s beautiful…

    A fan from El Salvador…

  59. Of course Lily Allen’s gorgeous the way she is. I don’t know if she’s implying that America’s made her feel this way since her message was posted while she was in the states or if she just feels this way in general. I know that in Europe, women tend to be thinner in general, but much more natural looking (my opinion). I don’t get where Americans (myself being one) feels they have the right to judge anyone’s weight when we are the “fattest” country in the world. But I guess it’s “Hollywood” and people in the “industry” who are judging her.

  60. Lily what are you thinking? you’re beautiful and everyone i know thinks so. Don’t listen to what the stupid non-hearted public think or news reporters, they ruin people’s lives don’t let them ruin yours. I know when people need to lose weight and you are far from it, people like you i admire for you’re fabulous shape. I am a big fan of yours i think your FANTASTIC!!!

  61. Lily, you’re gorgeous and everyone i know thinks so. People clearly need treatment if they think you’re fat! Ofcourse you don’t need to lose weight. i admire you’re fantastic shape and you’re personality i love you loads. don’t listen to dimwitts who only care about their looks, in their heads it’s all about me, myself and i. You are gorgeous and not many people are lucky enough to look like you. I think you’re GREAT!!!

  62. Yo Lily, don’t think even for a moment that you’re anything less than beautiful. Where I’m from (Trinidad) you’re an average size for a young lady and might I say you’re a HOTTIE TOO. Curvy is sexy. You’re FINE. Jus stay the way you are. Some words of advice though, just be the best U that you can be, cut back on the smokes and drinks and you’ll even be a better U than you are right now. I rate you as one of the better singers out there, just keep your head up and keep blessing our ears some more good music. In other words JUST DO YOUR THING BABY GIRL!!!! – Sicky

  63. I dont care how they look id still hit it. Plus crack heads are easier, but on a serious note amy whinehouse is horid i use to think she was cute in a weird way but she has really gone to the dogs. As for lilly meh she will grow out of it hopefully i think shes a good lookin broad but thats just me.

  64. Those who say lilly is not fat are terribly wrong!! I’m not saying she’s ugly, actually she seems quite cute to me as well. Maybe it’s normal to be fat in US and UK so fans from there says she’s fine. But she is not, believe me. There’s nothing bad being like lilly, she isn’t too fat. But not normal as well!! people, wake up! All the ugly fat pigs from UK and USA who eat 20 times a day say lilly is fit. No way! It lookes to you she is fit if you are a dozer yourself, but not to normal people. And someone compared lilly with skinny amy winehouse and said he wouldn’t want her to be like ugly skinny AW. But you idiots! Amy is ugly not because she is skinny but because she looks like a horse! I guess she would look even uglier if she was fat. And lilly mentions the gastric bypass surgery. What is wrong with you retarded british and americans? if you dont want to be fat just dont eat like a pig everything whats around!

    I respect lilly and she is a great singer, but people, you are wrong saying that she is fit because she is not. and definitely she would look better if she was skinnier, however she doesn’t look too bad and isn’t that fat. Just has more fat than average normal healthy woman, but nothing disastrous.


  66. And so do the Uptones!
    Artists gotta stick together!

  67. i feel sorry for her how can she such thing man
    1 love her songs since i was in year two

  68. lily so cute and very atracctive
    lily allen forever!!!

  69. lily is real, she writes about real stuff, her latest no 1 single “the fear” is the best i have heard from her, she just gets better, never mind about your weight girl, for goodness sake do not end up like a stick, it simply would not suit you, i am sure i speak for a hell of a lot of people when i say “we love you just the way you are”

  70. screw the papparazi! its theyr folld, they are murdering peapole! cant they see that Britney,amy, lily, have on one way ore another been killed!

  71. For gods sake grow up, look at the real people in the world with a problem, you look great, a real woman for a change with curves and breasts, well nearly, could be bigger, speak soon,,i wish..

  72. Dear Lily. I won’t deny fact, that I was little shocked by your ‘falling’. I’ve been listening with awe and love, and admiration to your lyrics, and music, and you are the girl, who’s gotta stand for all your words. They are you, after all. You are surrendered with ‘beautiful’ people in this business, but please realize, that in these circles concentrate people, that NEED to fit into a shallow catheghory, consisting of really looking at person’s outside without even considering a second look in the eye… The stuff, you wear, should represent you. Through your lyrics, your mind is independent, brave, and mostly not afraid of what shallow people think. You don’t need to wear anything trendy, you need to dress in stuff that will express your largeness (haha, it’s kind of funny, that I ended it with this word). For quick help – look up rubenesque women!!! Btw – I never go on singer’s sites… ;-)) you just popped up ;-)), with love, Lenka

  73. lily you’re awesome ,beautiful and very talented. i just finished watching a program” the hour” and you were one of the guests you looked so beautiful and you laugh is as beautiful as your music. you are going to make someone guy very happy,and i hope you’re not going to get caught up in the stupid hollywood dictatorship and hype that ppl have to look a certain way to be cool and acceptable and shop at stores that carry sizes no larger than a “2”.just stay you. forget the paris hilton mentality and alike they’re just bored with their UNHAPPY life and are just finding ways to keep them selves entertained, by you know what i mean.this is my first post on any website so i truly hope it gets to you . i think you’re awesome and gorgeous

  74. lily allen is fine as hell and should be proud that she has the fine ass body that she does.

  75. lily’s hot as
    she’s got a great body, if she thinks she fat then what the hell am i? im at least a couple kilos heavyer then her. i thought she was strong and could over look and laugh at everyone talking mean things about her, but i guess not.

    i saw her last night on tv and she has lost alot of weight, hopefully she lost the weight healthy. if not then she should be ashamed.

    always a fan of lily x

    p.s verite your a fucking dick, get a life and dont be so mean

  76. IDIOTA!

  77. Yeah, she doesn’t need to lose weight. She does need to sort her hair out though, and stop peddling those shite songs. She should have a word with her dad – ‘Vindaloo’ is a hell of a tune!

  78. PS Emily @ March 2, 7:49 am – shut the fuck up!

  79. Lily you are my idol. i dn’t know how u think that ur fat. ur are a beatiful young girl and if u think that ur fat come look at me. i’m tired of seeing girls go through these problems and going on eating disorders.
    thank u for reading this letter about my opinion

    -Corinne =]

  80. Obviously lilly’s post was not meant to be taken seriously, especially not this seriously.

  81. Lilly your beautiful!
    don,t change a thing. Just keep giving us that sexy smile and great songs. and for those that don’t like her looks or her music…. do you really need to bad mouth her??? if you dont have anything good to say then dont say anything.

    have some respect…

    Luv SA Fan

  82. not all ‘real women’ -for some reason women who aren’t celebrities- have curves and breasts and frankly it’s insulting to automatically assume every woman who isn’t a celebrity is lazy and can’t take care of her body.

  83. Lily,’
    I don’t know you and I don’t know your music like many others on this site do. I don’t know anything about you at all but I saw you on Letterman the other night and you were fantastic! YOU WORRY TOO MUCH!! Take a step back and calm your spirit. God doesn’t make mistakes…when he created you he knew what he was doing. Everyone loves you more than you realize as you can see from all of these emails on this site and you are more beautiful than you think. Your music moved me enough to download “The Fear” because I liked the tune and I don’t like alot of the music that’s out there today because I’m an old geezer from the 60’s CSNY Woodstock era but I dug your stuff. I’ve been in the music business since before you were born but your performance on letterman was genuine and it hit me in the gut where it counts. Stop FOCUSING on all that negative sh** and find your comfort in the fact that you are who you are for better or worse. Look at all these people on here that love you! And the “worse” is only in your mind. The battlefield is in your THOUGHT LIFE and you have a choice to make as to what you will FOCUS on. It’s Faith vs. “The Fear”.
    Be good.

  84. Nice post, thanks and bookmarked waiting for more!

  85. I love you

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