From One Extreme to Another

Gaultier FatWhen a fat woman graces the catwalk, expect all hell to ensue.

Jean-Paul Gaultier, fashion’s own enfant terrible, made a BIG splash last October during his 30th anniversary show at Fashion week in Paris.

Sorry, did I not make the pun clear enough?

A BIG FAT HUGE splash. By featuring a size 20 model in a corset and sexy stockings.




Apparently, this is his answer to the widespread complain that size-0, too-skinny models are all-too commonly featured in fashion shows, fashion spreads, and advertisements. Instead of feeling “good for him”, I feel more like “bad for us.”

It’s a gimmick, plain and simple. He’s known for stunts like these in the past, using older men, other full-figured women, and pierced and heavily tattooed models, not to mention gained enormous notoriety for playing with traditional gender roles in his the shows. He’s not a revolutionary; He’s a Master of Shock.

People really aren’t happy to see heavy models like these used in regular shows. For one (and I know I’m going to be hated for saying this, even as a heavy person) clothes just look better on thinner people. I don’t necessarily mean gaunt, anorexics, but in the same way that clothes look strange on emaciated people, they also look awkward on obese people. Fact of life.

Unless you’re a follower of the Fat Acceptance Movement, you’re not really going to appreciate this model. Though she is beautiful, the clothes just don’t look right on her. Her thighs are bulging out of the stockings. The corset and robe don’t do anything for her shape. She’s not doing what her job is requiring her to do: make the clothing appear attractive and possibly marketable. And she’s certainly not promoting Gaultier (or is Gaultier not promoting Gaultier with this awful design?)

If he wanted to portray the average, “real” woman, he should have chosen a model sized 12, 14, or 16. Those are the sizes of the average woman. It would be more of a statement than attempting to pass-off something designed to be a circus attraction as a real effort to change the system.

The worst part is the pure malice people have shown at this incident. Some of the comments left on the Daily Mail article were insensitive and downright vicious:

“Sorry, the model does not look sexy, nor is it refreshing to see her curves, she is just too fat.”

– Katherine Cherubim, Bad Nauheim, Ger

“Oh for goodness sake! She is ugly. There are some very beautiful women around who are larger but not FAT. I think he is making the point that thin is beautiful and this is not necessarily the case.”

– Beatrix, Surrey, UK

“Actually that’s just disgusting! I certainly don’t want to see that on the cat walks. Designers clothes look so much better on smaller woman – who cares if people want to be a size 0 – it’s no more extreme than this model being a size 20.”

– Kt, Warwick

“Oh yes, happy medium please! Why should we be subjected to this? It’s not nice same as anorexic models are distasteful!”

– Deepa, Port Louis, Mauritius

“She’s just as gross as the too skinny ones! She probably collapses from exhaustion after every run!”

– Vicky, UK

“Man, that’s awful.”

– Ahmad, London

“Thank you, Jean Paul, for making me laugh out loud!”

– Allie, Hong Kong

Instead of celebrating her beauty, all I can do is focus on the negative consequences of this pubilicity stunt. It just makes fat people look bad.

I’m sorry, I don’t buy into this whole thing about heavy people wearing whatever they want. There are just certain things that won’t look good on a heavy woman, especially if it’s too tight. I know what looks good on me, and that doesn’t include bikinis, tube tops, and short shorts. So, if anything, maybe Gaultier should have dressed her in something a little more flattering because exploiting her.


~ by Rob Anne on April 19, 2007.

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  1. […] them for their “interesting features”), though it’s not nearly as extreme as Gaultier’s fat faux pas last October considering that the motivations behind this endeavor were so much more benevolent […]

    • she looks disgusting. everything is bulging out an shit. ew. god please, put some clothes on while i cover my childrens eyes.
      if your going to do PLUS size modeling wear the appropriate attire please. and this isnt plus size this is like PLUS PLUS PLUS size…wow america is FAT.

  2. The Host Designer was probably trying to make a statement for bigger or Averaged sized women to be accepted as Sexy and Fashion Icons too!However he did it with the Shock of an Extreme!Lets not forget he’s mind is that of an Artist and they are known to communicate concepts visually through ‘form’or ‘motion’ that would create a reaction in an onlooker-What better way to do this than a bigger curvy lady with shacking mass!
    I think she is gorgeous and beautiful,however I totally discourage Fatness because beyond Fashion,style and acceptance,it is also a health risk. I leeve you with a statement said by celebrity regarding non-skinny women.In her very words:

    So there you go.Shes a celebrity who knows all the skinny business and yet she sees sense in being the best of who you are physically.

  3. Ugh, I see the “clothes look better on thin people” line isn’t just a saying in the fashion community. If you pick clothes appropriate for your body type – even if you are obese – you will look good. It’s disheartening to see such an attitude so prevalent.

  4. she’s beautiful, bold and working it. you GO girl

  5. Very beatufull girl

  6. i think it’s about damn time they have a plus size woman on the catwalk, she looks better than those stupid skinny b****es that look like cemo patients!

    • I dont think we should be putting obese people out there in a way that makes them look pretty how they are. They may look ok on the catwalk, but off of it they are unhealthy, overweight people who shouldnt be walking around like its perfectly fine to look that way. putting a fat person on the runway was a way to get out of being healthy….by saying “Oh, if SHE’S overweight like me and shes a model, i guess i dont have to go to the gym today.” because eventually your just gonna have a heart attack…..Sorry

    • haha why are you lying? and that’s spelt chemo hun

  7. Any human body is worth seeing! However was this done to make a point? If so and the point was that her body is as beautiful as the size zero model, why was the choice in clothing more modest? Beth Ditto is a prime exaple of how to do it, she doesnt wear carefully placed garments, she just puts it out there! Really out there!!

  8. if you look back in time, a plus size woman was considered VERY VERY beautiful, just because the tv, magazines and movies are saying skinny skinny skinny… most people are not “skinny”. i feel that yes, maybe they went to “big” but i feel i rather see to big, then to small… im on the larger size, and i just feel real men like a girl with some meat on her… i like my mean with some meat on them… a person who looks like a skeleton draped in skin…. its really sick… humans are meant to have some fat on them… its used to keep us warm, fill out some curvy clothes, and rock it… she is very beautiful, and i think she deserves a heck of a lot of respect for walking up there with skinny b******. if you dont like it…. thats your opinion… just like i have mine, and she deserves a lot better then to be judged by shallow heartless people, who see nothing but the outside, because they them self know they are ugly inside.

  9. You people can all go to hell. She looks amazing. Do you honestly think pretty comes with a size? you are sadly mistaken. Most Women who are full figured are more beautiful than any of the skinny girls. I’m not bashing skinny girls whatsoever, I’m just saying that if you broaden your windows to more things, you’ll realize the honest beauty in everything. The ugliest girl in the world may have the most beautiful personality, but you’d never know that because you judged her on appearance . Never judge anyone on appearance. Modeling is not always based on being skinny. Being completely honest with you, the way the world is today being mainly overweight should be a sign that things are changing. Fat people wanna be able to feel pretty, too. But its skinny girls who hate their apperance and think that if you are not skinny, youre nothing is changing everything to make it seem BAD. its not bad, its beauty and maybe one day when you grow up and mature, you can realize that.

  10. go girl im fat also i love her so much seen her in the news and she was awsome the best model ever 🙂 yeah we are the fat sexy girls .. not like the skinnnyyyy booons girls 😛 hehehe

  11. She is beautiful! I’m 18 and i weigh like 270.

    I give her all my respect in the world.

  12. Personally… I think you’re wrong about this being bad for big women AND about large women not looking good in clothing. I’m a proud size 22 and I look damn good in a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top or even a slightly tight top. I’m not ashamed of who I am.. and ma’am, you make me feel like I shouldn’t wear cute clothes… I’m not going to walk around in a mumu to hide my figure. I’m young, vibrant, fun, cute, sweet, smart and SEXY!!!

    Now… if you’ve noticed… clothes shown on the cat walk hardly ever look good on anyone.. they’re very extreme and over-done. This woman is strutting her stuff and I even if people didn’t like it at least it got people talking. Look at her! She’s stunning! I’d wear that outfit and would stare at my reflection for hours.

    Just because people (perhaps the blogger included?) say that I look odd in clothes isn’t going to stop me from walking into a store and buying myself some cute panties to sport for my boyfriend.

  13. You said a lot of clothes dont suit fat people well its also the same for skinny people.. a lot of clothes dont look good on them! im a big girl.. im a size 16 and i have a friend who’s a probably a size 4.. not because she wants to but because her body is like that and she hates it! she tells me how lucky i am to have flesh to fill my clothes and i keep complaining about how fat i am! so everyone has their own hang ups and beauty comes in all sizes.

  14. If this designer wanted to say:
    “i hate all these annorexic models”
    then I admire him, but if he was saying:
    “you don’t like my models? well take THIS”
    then I think he’s an idiot.

    The thing is, becoming thin takes willpower few of us have.
    we all want to be thin (including me – i’m 10-12 =[ and my schoolfriends are all thinner) but it’s torturous.
    Some people are naturally thin, and some thin people love it and flaunt it.

    These size zero models are destroying their bodies to get the best photo. I don’t know what’s driving this society anymore, fashion or money?

    She is brave for getting up on that catwalk, I couldn’t do it.
    I am obsessed with my weight, but I can still see the story from both sides.

    Maybe she likes how she looks?
    we forget that it is possible to do that.

  15. Pretty much everything has been said that I was thinking after I read “one extreem to another”. I am plus size. And I’d gladly walk down that runway in less that the designer gave this model. I figure in the end, who gives a crap what anyone thinks. If your comfortable in you skin, do what makes you happy. This chick liked being up there, ahe stuck it to the man. I for one say, you go girl! Boo ya!

  16. I think this outfit does her body no justice. It is too small on her and makes her look weird. If the designer put herin something that worked with her curves awesome. I think he delibertly put her in an awkward outfit to shock people. Two thumbs down to the fashion industry.

  17. If she wants to put herself out there, more power to her. Who’s to say what looks good on anyone? You’re just more proof that many women are foolish enough to be persuaded by what society wants everyone to look like. You’ve been brainwashed. The person who should feel bad about herself is not the big, bold, beautiful woman working that catwalk…
    It’s you, the average citizen who has nothing to show for herself other than the fact that she can not think on her own.

  18. its weird that they say skinny models are unhealthy, but so are obese people… and i don’t think that being skinny is unhealthy, there are a lot of girls who are just naturally skinny… its only bad when they become anorexic/bulimic…and all that is left are skin and bones and you can count their ribs…

  19. Oh god. Make your minds up. You all moan about size zero models, and thin models, and now you moan about this?
    I think its fab! She is obviously prettier then you all think, or it would be you up there, insted of her now Wouldnt it?

  20. Ah finally! She is gorgeous. The one thing I am tired of seeing is broom stick sized models walking down the runway.

    It is a big, beautiful, plus-sized slap across the face.

  21. Way to go girl! Can you imagine doing that yourself, I don’t think I would have the guts to do it. I’m definitely accepting myself a heck of a lot more than what I used to. Until I read EBFA, I never realized I could seriously change the way I thought of my own image. I guess there are more beautiful women out there who are trying to do the same thing.

  22. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though really, media has always taught us about skinny been the beautiful thing. No, it’s time that things like this start to happen, it should really lead us through what the industry is really after. If a woman looks good in something, THEN she looks good–no matter if she were skinny or fat.
    I give her respect for doing this, no matter how hard people critize her, because I know what I know and that is: she looks DAMN GOOD!

  23. yea,im really fat, i can’t see my feet, but i don’t care, cause my feet are ugly. 😀 , i have a hairy fanny too, but i can’t seen it. 😦

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  31. WoWzah!!- i think this VOLUPTUOUS Lady looks AmAzInG!!11!!1!-
    LOOK HOW SHE just StRaIgHt RoCkInnn’ THEM GARTERS,JuIcY tHiGhS jUsT lIkE mInE
    -WAY TO “gEt LiKe MeeeE” HomEgIrL <333333


  32. I think its brilliant that larger people are able to fashion clothes. At the end of the day its about having fun and feeling great.
    This woman is great example.
    I admire her courage and confidence 🙂 Go girl! 😛

  33. I think that there are sides to both sides of the story. I think Jean-Paul could of put her in something a little more flattering, but skinny people look better in that than she did. I think they should QUIT using skinny girls and start using like size 12-14 because I am 12 and am a size 12 and i hate the skinny models. YOU GO GIRLS!!!!

  34. I’m sorry but that sort of obesity is disgusting and unnatural and very unhealthy. Obviously being underweight is not healthy either. But if you are a plus size and think skimpy clothes look good on you… you’re delusional… I don’t blame the fat people though… I have a suspicion that the increase in obesity- a disease- may stem from the hormones they pump into our meat. I wonder, are there any vegetarians who are that big? I know it’s not just diet but also exercise, metabolism, etc… but I really wonder why that kind of obesity is more prevalent in America than it is in Europe?

  35. To the user who said “Beth Ditto is a prime example of how to do it” I would say only this – WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG TRY HARDER AND SEE IF YOU COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE WRONG. Beth Ditto is a prime example of how to piss everyone off and give fat people a shitty name.

  36. Sorry, that’s just too fat. I don’t want to see size 0s, but this is the extreme opposite which is not good. If you say to one woman “you’re too skinny” then its perfectly reasonable to say to others “you’re too fat”: and she is.

  37. I think she’s gorgeous.
    Don’t understand why people say she’s ugly.
    She is goddamn hot.

  38. And yes, there are FAT vegetarians, I am!
    And being Obese does not mean you’re unhealthy.
    I’m Obese, but my health is just fine.
    Obesity does not mean unhealthy, just as thin doesn’t mean healthy.
    Keeping your bloodpressure and cholesterol under controle is much more important then being thin.
    And drinking and smoking.
    If you think a skinny girl, who smokes, drinks, eats red meat is healthier then me (no-smoker, vegetarian, good pressure and cholesterol, obese) then you’re stupid.

  39. both extremely fat and extremely skinny are unhealthy. anyone that is obese is unhealthy. plus if i had a choice of being fat and living forever or being skinny and dying young, i would pick skinny every time.

  40. Well what ive gotta say is.. COURAGE! shes obviosly very comfrtable with her self.. and good for her.. but they shoudnt e portraying lagre people like that.. because if they are chasngng models on catwalks and people think to be a catwalk model thy need to be thin now then what then.. they need to be obessee………

  41. She has guts! Well being fat is not really a problem . To go on the flow of fashion , you just need to know the proper clothing. And choose the right color of your clothes.

  42. eww. she is just as unhealthy as a size 0 model. she is clinically obese. it’s disgusting. i have no problem with curvy models, but she is just fat.

  43. i think she is beautiful rather she is a size 00 or 50 she has the courage to do what she did shut up, fat girl do your thang cause I would have too. I’m happy she showed the extreme don’t hate her cause she had the strength to wear what she wore. Some of the people committing have beautiful bodies but would never do what she did.

    to laura you say she’s unhealthy have you seen her doctor records. My mother is 400lbs and she has no health issues. Whereas this lady I knew exercised every day and eat the right things dropped died while she was cutting her grass.

  44. To Aubree, no I havent seen her personal records but as a final year med student this womans weight screams cardiovascular disease, diabetes and shortened life expectancy to me…obesity is a cause of disease/death that could so easily be prevented… shouldn’t be promoted. I’m not pro size 0 but a happy medium would send out a much better image.

  45. all i have to say is fuck you, Catherine, you are deeply stupid

  46. and tatyana, shallow people don’t make their own choices, the world makes their choices for them maybe if we’re lucky, in the next life, you’ll be a praying mantis that gets stepped on. how’s that for skinny and short-lived?

  47. and laura, you’re in the brainwashed business of medicine, what you know is shaped by what you learned in med school, and for real, Occam’s Razor is just a theory, it doesn’t always apply (especially when you havent seen her records like you so candidly admitted). you say you have no basis but then you jump to a conclusion, some future doctor, obesity is never the cause of death, cardiovascular disease doesn’t develop from being fat, you get it from the lifestyle. so, suffice it to say, you have causality mixed up with coincidence, which many often do, but if you wanna preach about what is preventative, heart disease and lung cancer are both preventative with good diet, exercise, and refraining from smoking—a person can feasibly do all of those things, avoid heart disease, cardiovascular or what have you, AND STILL BE OVERWEIGHT—GENIUS

  48. this is discusting. I have seen this show may times and never remeber this outfit. Her fat is disturbing. That’s all i see when i look at her. She’s more unhealthy than the thin models. At least the thin models get there daily exercise. I want to see the clothes when i watch a fashion show. I’m not looking at the model/

  49. goodness isn’t michelle charming….

  50. Just re-read the title. Every kind of extreme has the right to exist in real life, but extremes should not be promoted – just because the extremes are represented only by some and not by the majority. There’s something in between skinny and obese – something which is called NORMAL – and I believe that is what should be set up as a standard. By the way, most so-called plus-sized models fit in the norm perfectly.

  51. Shes beautiful.Anyone of you guys saying shes too fat or anything ofending is a horrible person.You think your better than anyone because your a little skinny bitch.When i was 6-11years old i was really fat and no one made fun of me.And when they did i just ignored them.But now can stand up for all the people that get have or had the same problem. BTW i used too weigh 145 pound when i was 11.

  52. I am certainly OK with Banning superthin models that TEST unhealthy by a doctor. I know some women who are natrually very thin and tall… lucky … yes in a way … but they are also victims of prejudice. I love that there are famous and successful Plus Size Models… But.. not healthy in a big way is just as bad as not healthy in a small way.

    These people that are controling this cat walk crap…NEED to look at what they are doing!


    and NO TOO SMALL

    where are these normal sized women average 6-14 on the catwalks?

    Sorry If I have offended anyone.. I am just sick of these “extremes” why too big and too small … Why not normal?

    “Let this day, be a day when you live!
    Life is not a one day thing.. but an
    everyday… every moment thing.LIVE.”

    ~Stephanie Michelle Hollenberg ~KOTEHOK~

  53. BY the way… There is nothing sext about this…. It is unhealthy… super skinny isnt healthy either.. I F’N know that!

    This women has a very pretty face I know… but she probably has 15 years left before she has a massive heartattack.

    Most of my Family is overweight and I love them to the fullest, but I do walk with them and email healthy recepies to promote heart healthy living. With, Cancer and Heart attacks occuring so frequently… Americans need to take care of themselves even more! What we eat is bad enough, but eating too much of it asnd not excersizing is dangerous. I have seen way toomany people I love die because their whole lives people said their weight was OK, but in reality it was not. Sorry Girls(that are overweight.. I have been there and I always stuck up for those who promoted overweight being sexy too… It may be sexy in ways to some but not healthy… God Bless and Good Luck on your way to happiness.

  54. To Michelle (love your name) and arcely

    Come on now this is beautiful but sadly unhealthy a big midsection promotes heart attacks and many more health complications.

    Please get a grip and quit calling people Skinny Bitches.. just because we are health concious.. you can be healthy too !

    I was overweight and not anymore thank GID. I feel better!

    Good Luck.
    This blog is very Sad… GET A GRIP!

    fatties.. yeah I said it.. like you all said skinny bitches.. I was fat and so were many healthy people like Stephanie before so I can say that to you all that are so closed minded.
    I got a grip on reality why don’t you!

    Stephanie your so right!!!

  55. Thanks , Anastatia for agreeing with me!

    Catherine your also correct about the meat! What we eat is so nasty… GOd help us all. We live in a time of discertainty.

    God Bless, and I am sorry again for those I have offended…. Tough Love.. I really do love those who have struggled like me.

  56. I generally agree with the points you made, Gautier made no effort to enhance this naturally beautiful woman’s strengths. Instead he put a large woman in an outfit made to suit a tiny woman. This would be just as unflattering if he had reversed it, making a size 0 wear something designed to suit a size 28, neither option flatters the woman or the clothes. I am studying to be a designer myself and can truthfully say that no woman has a body that will look better or worse in all clothes than any other woman. Every style out there suits one particular body better than any other, but there are styles out there for every body type as well. As terrible as the fashion industry’s use of only extremely thin women is, it is more terrible that we as women often support these stereotypes when we should be supporting one another. Just as example…
    “clothes look better on thin people”

    “she looks better than those stupid skinny b****es that look like cemo patients!”

    “yeah we are the fat sexy girls .. not like the skinnnyyyy booons girls”

    “If this designer wanted to say:“i hate all these annorexic models”then I admire him”

    “that sort of obesity is disgusting and unnatural and very unhealthy”

    “this is discusting. I have seen this show may times and never remeber this outfit. Her fat is disturbing. That’s all i see when i look at her. She’s more unhealthy than the thin models. At least the thin models get there daily exercise.”

    “You think your better than anyone because your a little skinny bitch”

    All of these comments come from the replies here, and all are negative to one or another body type. If we are really honest and examine our motives we will have to admit that health has nothing to do with it, it is about negative self esteem and wanting to promote our own look as the norm. Women of most any size can be active and healthy (there are extremes to either side that are unhealthy). Statistics are revealing that only 2 percent of American women would call themselves beautiful and that girls as young as 5 are dieting. We as women can’t lay all of this at the fashion industry’s doorstep, we must take responsibility for our own impact on women and girls around us. How do we effect them by our attitudes and comments about ourselves and others.

  57. yesh ur right heather!

    I am sorry guys!

    I was drunk.

    bless you guys thin or big.

  58. She has a very pretty face, but her body is just horrid! Fashion shows are meant to show of the clothing, not the models, and I’m to busy looking at her size 20 body to notice the clothes that she’s wearing. I know that designers don’t want size 0 models on the catwalks because of the possibility that they could have an eating disorder. Obesity, however is just as dangerous as anorexia and bulimia. I think that ‘normal’ sized models should be used, for example, size 3-5. On the other hand, size 0 models shouldn’t be banned from the runway just because they are thin. What about the naturally skinny girls?

  59. agree babe!!!

  60. I thougth she looked great!!!!

  61. I dont think her body was horrid at all, horrid is a very strong word to use, just because a person is not thin, does not their body horrid, or they are not the toned fit, everyone so called loves, why not love people as they are??? Its not such a radical idea, Negative comments leave a narrow view of just exactly what is beautiful and just what is that exactly, because no one has defiened that completely to me from any magazine or diet industry or just opinion, its a wide open range to say what is beautiful. Why be a slave to the diet industry and hate yourself based on what is told you should look like, at my health club today, someone said I feel so good, I lost weight, I said, i have to start feeling good about me no matter where i am not, love myeslf as I am at whatever moment in time. I will not buy into I cannot love myself unless i look a certain way, that is complete and total crap

  62. Okay seriously. Overly skinny people are clearly unhealthy, and so are overly fat people. This obese model is just as bad as an anorexic model. Then you’re all cheering it on like its the most amazing thing.. well hate to break it to you but being obese is unhealthy. yes we are all different shapes and sizes, but cheering on this obese model only helps to promote obesity (which by the way is a disease) in society. WAY TO GO!! You’re all turning the world into fat asses.

  63. I am disappointed in the comments made by the autor of this article, enough to leave a comment, which is probably the first time I ever have. I do not understand the concept, of putting someone down, in order to make yourself feel better. This includes groups of people. Do you not think that if people were to use “average sized modles” or 16 continously, that another group would then feel they were not being represented? We should be pleased that all different sizes are given opportunities to be shown, to show the diversity that is the human race. I don’t understand the point of this article to be honest. To complain about the fashion industry, then to complain about a plus sized model being used in the way you have, which really sounds like a personal attack, just doesn’t make sense. I hope you reconsider your stance, as you have obviously access to people on your site, and I would hope (that even though free speech includes ill-prepared, biased, bigotry opinions) you could have more of an informed, insightful response. You want people to be represented at size 16, as not being represented leaves you feeling rejected? Yet, why make such painful remarks that would leave the size 20s feeling so rejected? Could you not see this as a start rather? Really, it takes a step back in feminism, and just seems hypercritical. By the way, there are reasons for being obese, that are not just intentional over eating. Medical procedures go wrong, there are diseases that cause it, (if in doubt of this check out any medical readings on kabuki syndrome.) The same could be said for people who appear too thin. I think the best solution for this, is to basically mind our own business, and get on with our own lives. Just because someone is too thin, or too fat, doesn’t mean that anyone else in the “normal” size catergory can then become some critic, or commentator. Nobodies perfect.

  64. Shot, actually thats why I dont leave messages on walls, I read it, got a bit fired up, and might have mistook the meaning behind what the author wrote. I still think we’re best to mind our own business when it comes to peoples weight, you don’t know why someone is the way they are. But I do take back a bit of the sting in regards to the article. Learnt my lesson. DOnt blog unless you know you can delete. Good luck with the website.


  66. oh geez! i’m so sorry but being overweight is bad for your health!!! Its always good to have high-self esteem even if you’ve become unhealthy but its not ok to pretend like you’re not gunna have heart problems/malnutrition/stomach problems etc.!)
    that being said i love painting fat ladies! i’m just concerned as far as your health concerned ladies!

  67. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  68. The plain truth is models are not meant to be the main focus of the runway. Models are needed merely to display clothing. The model should not be the main focus of the viewers attention, whether or the model is large or skinny. The focus should be on the clothing that the designer has created and nothing else. At the same time, I realize that people, especially younger people, often emulate what models are doing. So, while I think anorexic models are a big NO-NO and look sickening, I also think Jean-Paul Gaultier has defeated his purpose by sending a large model on a runway with just a tiny corset and stockings.I think she is a very beautiful woman ,but frankly, that outfit would not look good on anyone and Gaultier almost seems to be making a mockery of her by sending her out in that. In conclusion, designers should just use average people as models …it just makes the most sense.


  69. Will not fat girl … but ithink she is so hot and sexy don no why!

  70. Im 11 yrs old. I think she is pretty and I wish I had more strong women like her to look up to in this world. All I see on tv is girls who dress like sluts and booty shake ot get mens attention, 40 yr olds who act like 13 and women who talk about eachother! I wish we had better people to look up to. I am a size 3 I am also 5’7 I still get called fat my best friends throw up after every meal and they all look up to paris hilton! Thanks for being great role models for us.. yeah right!

  71. wow, you guys are fucked in the head. she’s beautiful. and to all those who agree with me kudos. you can be healthy and still be “fat”. there’s nothing wrong with it. and if you seriously have a problem with it, i hope a big girl sits on you, bet you won’t have anything to say then, huh? cograts to her.(:

  72. i bet u guys r fat 2, but there’s nothin wrong with that. I’m a skinny model


  73. lol 😛

  74. Fat is always Beauty, I love to watch fat guys walking. And fat chicks are always tasty, sad that only few people can see this. America is full of models like this. I think however a person look like, is beautiful, we are all good looking in our way. and fat is not bad, we should get used to it because in few years we will all look the same “remember Wall E”

  75. Wow, funny this thread is so active, since it has been awhile since I did this show. Oddly enough I have yet to drop dead of that heart attack y’all seem to fear, LOL
    Hate to break it to you but I have no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, no health problems to report whatsoever! I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs and I do excersize. Check the hip to waist measurement kid’s ;o)
    The amazing thing here is that everyone is on the health band wagon when it comes to me, yet you don’t seem to take into account the fact that there have quite literally women who have dropped DEAD whilst walking down the runway as they were so thin.
    I think a runway which encompasses fat, thin, old, young, different etnicitys, differently abled models, THAT is the runway I am after and I just happen to be donating my curves to the cause.
    I think it great to see my jaunt down the runway has sparked such a rich debate amoungst you. No one is obliged to dig me, but for those that do and have spoken up, I thank you.
    My quest is to diversify our notions of beauty. I was at the casting in the first placce because it was JPG 30 year retrospective and HE HAD ALREADY USED A FAT CHICK on the runway back in the 80’s, but we ended up hitting it off because we share the view that beauty is not limited to size, age, race, etc.
    My portfolio is what sparked the choice of revealing clothes, I happen to dig my body and that came across to Jean Paul Gautier, as well as John Galliano who I had done a runway show for the previous season. It really isn’t such an earthshattering notion that a fat person might be considered beautiful to openminded people. But no one is obliged to find me beautiful because I do! And thats really the moral of the story – love yourself! Revel in your purported ‘flaws’, every individual has a beauty about them, but the media needs to convince us that we are not, in order that we keep buying all the potions and lotions etc, and in order to keep the industry with the single highest failure rate in existence, going strong, the diet industry!
    Everytime we see some drugged up rocker on stage do we admonish the venue for allowing them to perform? Let’s face it, magazines show Lindsay Lohan,Nicole Ritchie and Britney Spears every other page yet are you up in arms about their inclusion? The health argument is the biggest joke when we live in a society which honors a plethora of ‘unhealthy’ people. But who are we to judge them, live and live! Make the most of the time you have, make a difference in life!
    Carpe diem,

  76. PS One can just as easily make a reverse argument by posting the hundreds upon thousands of POSITIVE comments which have been made with each and every posting of this picture.
    Including those from the very same article you quote from, have a peek…

    Hip, Hip, Hoorah! About time the true female form gets some recognition!

    I think it’s great! Include a variety of people.

    She’s alive, not a criminal or insane and has a right to live and work at any job.

    Well done! Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth girls were fab. Many people fed up with looking at catwalk girls pale, thin and starved looking! Carry on the goodwork

    Good for Gaultier!

    How refreshing to see a catwalk model celebrating her larger curves!

    Three cheers for voluptuous-sized women!

    Fantastic – lets see more of the “real women”.

    No cellulite either.

    I think the larger woman looks great. Probably still more appealing than a stick thin model will ever be.

    Why are people so cruel about the plus size women? Just because they’re not stick thin doesn’t mean they’re not as beautiful.

  77. This woman is only a size 20 on top. Her hips and thighs would never fit into a size 20 pant. I don’t understand how she can be a model with such a disproportionate figure, regardless of her size. She’s probably a size 26 on bottom if not larger.

  78. I think she’s beautiful and the clothes looked great on her despite the weight.
    I’m usually the type to not like looking at overweight people, but she is gorgeous. If all the overweight models look like her, bring it on, I wouldn’t mind seeing it more often~ Bulging thighs and all.

  79. She’s gorgeous!

  80. Some people think really fat people look good, and some people think really thin people look good. Most are just happy with in-between. Its just different tastes.

    The point you are all missing is that being either overweight or underweight is UNHEALTHY. People need to stop obsessing about how much self-confidence they have with attitudes like ‘I’m curvy and proud’ or ‘Thin is beautiful/Anorexia is good’ and try and be a little bit less proud and recognise that being healthy is whats beautiful.

    I’ve never left a comment on anything like this before, i’m 17 and usually don’t care about debating over some woman’s looks but it really is infuriating when there are so many comments like ‘beautiful’, ‘ugly’.

    The whole media obsession with looks and weight is pathetic. People need to appreciate their oppurtunites and take a good look at the world around them.

  81. You really can. Even if she excercises loads and eats a lot of healthy food, there are hundreds of facts, statistics and just common sense that prove obesity to that level puts a massive strain on your entire body- heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholestrol, osteoarthritus not to mention links with cancer and other serious diseases.

    You can’t seriously be saying that woman looks healthy?

  82. great,great…i loved it,,you know fashion is for everyone..and beleive me im a skinny bitch…

  83. i probably will be hated for this but here it goes. i think its great that a plus sized model is being recognized. but personally id rather see a size 2 model. there is a reason why skinny is more beautiful or appealing to the eye. its all about perfect proportion. that’s the reason why Marilyn Monroe is so beautiful her proportions are perfect. bigger woman or man usually don’t have good proportion that is why its harder for them to find good clothes that fit or look good on them. its also easier for designers to just make one size fits all. if a designer for every garment was for a plus size model it would cost more money. what your seeing going down the runway is usually a sample. i cant look at her beauty because all i can star at is her legs. there’s a reason why its fashion people there’s a reason why those dress are 5,000 dollars. there not for average people. its okay to be fat its okay to be average. if people excepted that within themselves they wouldn’t care who walked down the runway. models are kept to high standers for a reason, because if there wasn’t everyone could be a model. its just not the way it works. fashion is about looks. its not about the heart. its just the way it is.

    • ow yeah models are meant to be clean slates. there should be nothing distracting about them. you should just be looking at the dress. instead of that lady’s thighs it takes away from the outfit. now that’s all i have to say. finally.

  84. you guys might see a woman proud in her body and I respect, but I see in someone not willing to take care of her body, we are not meant to be that large, have you ever seen a wild animals over weight? I haven’t, but I am not siding with tinny girls either, everyone needs to eat well work out and take care of their body, there is no way someone can do that and still be size 20…. So, big ma’mas if you care so much about your body why dont you treat it well?

  85. I’m in the minority here. It’s a shame, because I initially agree with everything this article has to say regarding fashion’s latest gimmick.
    Certainly I feel sick at the thought that big money is being made from wetting the egos of millions of overweight women. The newest corporate low. Is plus size really a feminist movement? Any size above UK 14 is unhealthy; and despite the many protests, I doubt many of those above-14 women eat healthily and do regular exercise without losing weight also.
    It’s almost as if half the female population has forced themselves into denial, that unhealthy eating won’t shorten your life as surely as eating nothing will.
    It seems, no matter what fashion does next, the rift between women of different shapes only widens… plus size evidently adds fuel to that fire.


    “I think it’s about damn time they have a plus size woman on the catwalk, she looks better than those stupid skinny b****es that look like cemo patients!”

    It’s nice to see people’s sisterly feelings are being expressed here of all places; and just another reason for why I won’t shed a tear should plus size get torn down in the future. If it doesn’t, then I hope both the US and UK for starters are planning on building a whole lot more hospitals.

  86. She just needed a bigger size pair of stockings so that she didn’t bulge out like that. I am surprised that Jean-Paul Gaultier didn’t think of that (shame on him). The robe has got to go and accentuate that curve made from the corset 🙂

  87. hey!
    well i mean better one “fat girl” than none at all.
    also, I think you’re wrong. In my opinion, we have this IDEA how clothes should look like, promoted by ads, movies, models, pictures etc..
    i think you are just used to skinny girls in stockings. I dont think it looks bad, it looks DIFFERENT. i think you should see it that way. the way a skinny girl looks in stockings is NORMAL for you, and you have been told that that’s beautiful. i mean, how many big women have you already seen in stockings like this? I am 100% certain that that number is less than the number of skinny girls you’ve seen in stockings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not wrong or ugly, but different. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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  96. I have to buya present for an overweight co-worker that does not want to let me know me his pants size. It’s odd to me because I am nearly as large as him. So I started thinking whyisn’t therea wish-list website where somebody can buy you clothing but theywil not know what size you wear. Does anyone know of anyone who offers that service.

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