Spock Does Fat


Thanks to Ajaramillo of Girlpower + 1 for pointing out this interesting New York Times article to me about Leonard Nimoy’s

new photography collection featuring fat women posing nude.

Nimoy’s “Full Body Project” presents a little over a dozen black-and-white photographs of plus-size women prancing about in the nude (and one of them wearing sexy corsets.) It’s a tad exploitative (I mean, using any group of people for art like this is technically exploiting them for their “interesting features”), though it’s not nearly as extreme as Gaultier’s fat faux pas last October considering that the motivations behind this endeavor were so much more benevolent than the fashion designer’s.

And to be honest, I’m not even really offended by the fatsploitation. More power to it, I say! These photos are just too beautiful to take any sort of umbrage with. Take a look:




I really love how these women look. The photos are so beautiful and tasteful, quite unlike so many other depictions of fat nudity (read: fat pornography) that’s out there.

There is something so comforting about their bodies. The images make me feel safe and secure, probably because their bodies are so similar to the bodies of the women in my family, from my mother and grandmothers, to aunts and my cousins. These bodies look similar to my own. And they are beautiful.

Nimoy really captures the element of sisterhood in the between fat women. I don’t know if every fat women feels this way, but when I see another fat woman, I feel an instant camaraderie with her. “A woman like myself,” I think. Without even meeting each other, we already know that we’ve already had the same experiences, felt the same feelings, and shared the bond of being fat.

And we attract each other. I’m much more likely to feel comfortable randomly striking up a conversation with a heavy women like myself than a slender woman. I’m not consciously discriminating against the slender woman, I’m just more instantly drawn to the heavier woman based on our obvious outward similarities.

The collection is being featured in the Pioneer Valley’s very own Northampton (wut-wut Noho!), so if you’re in the Western Massachusetts area and are are blessed with the means of convenient travel, take advantage of this opportunity. I would really like to see them in person myself, but alas! the lack of car.

So, thank you to Mr. Nimoy for your creative vision and your interest in Fat Acceptance.

That’ll do, Spock. That’ll do.

~ by Rob Anne on May 13, 2007.

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  1. Those photos really are beautiful. Spock does good work, and it makes Leonard Nimoy worm a little tiny place in my black, stony heart.

    And I agree about the striking up of conversations. I know it’s not true, but when I see girls my age, I have a tendency to maybe skirt away from the really skinny girls (unless they share some of my awkwardness/nerdiness), while with the larger girls, I tend to see them as stronger and more maternal. Which probably has a lot to do with my mother and grandmother, come to think of it.

    Anyway, congrats to Mr. Spock! May he continue his fine work with us large, lovely ladies.

  2. I’m glad you agree with me. I thought the photos were tasteful and very well done, and I put up the article to hear what others had to say. I feel like they epitomize girl power; the women all look happy and comfortable in their own skin, which is so unlike many of the images we see of models today being completely objectified for the viewing pleasure of a man.

  3. I heard about “The Full Body Project” this morning when it was mentioned on CBC. So I looked it up, when I got there, I started to cry. I don’ think I will ever be able to truly put into words the emotions that came over me and I am still crying. Right now, all I can do is echo what has already been said here.

    Thank you, Mr. Nimoy.

  4. It’s so hard to love your own body when it’s not what is percieved as beautiful to a majority of the world. But by seeing these gorgeous woman and how comfortable they are in their skin and enticing softness of their curves, it makes it that much easier to look at myself in the mirror. When I look at these woman, they are pretty, beautiful and attractive… that helps me see what my husband says he see’s in me.

    Thank you Mr Nemoy, and thank you for posting these pic’s!!

  5. its so cool to see that these Women are comfortable enough to do this, but being obese is so dangerous to your health, its not just a social thing to be slim, but you could die! think about it. death or life?

  6. The “fact” that being obese is life-threatening is not the medical fact that the media wants you to believe. http://www.obesitymyths.com/

  7. *sigh* gotta love the trolls with their Fat Bingo, dontchya?

  8. I will not deny that this sort of physique is aesthetically not pleasing to my eye, however, these photos are. Kudos to Spock.

  9. “but being obese is so dangerous to your health, its not just a social thing to be slim, but you could die!”

    Umm. You’re going to die, too, only you’ll be skinny. Six or half dozen, really, when you consider that of all my relatives who died young (ie, under 70) all were normal weight and all were smokers. The fat ones in my family have lasted past 80.

    I don’t see the connection, but then again, maybe it’s just me.

    And I like this blog!

  10. As a dietetics student, I do promise you that obesity poses more health risks than being normal weight. I’m glad people aren’t disgusted with themselves when they are overweight or obese, but their weight problem shouldn’t be glorified, either. And the “obesity myths” website was put out by the Center for Consumer Freedom. I’m guessing either they don’t have any registered dietitians working for them or their words have been taken out of context. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) doesn’t lie, however, because they’re a government agency and don’t sell anything. Here’s what they say about the consequences of overweight and obesity: http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpa/obesity/consequences.htm
    To find a registered dietitian: http://www.eatright.org

  11. yeah i enjoyed this site… though obesity is a challenge yet to face it and to strip naked shows maturity and boldness that one’s body is beautiful no matter what the size is…

  12. I LOVE big women SOOOO beautiful !!

  13. WOW some of you are evil with words to the women on here! I can not believe that you can think how much courage it took for them to even pose for this!! I LOVE IT!!! I am a bigger women and could never bring myself to pose for this so I adore them!! I feel that I may not be the most healthy looking person but you know what I work out 3 days a week and I am very healthy! I have my heart tested and all other tests done yearly and I am TOTALLY healthy my doctor is proud of me!! I am very careful with what I eat and still am a big woman! Some people are ment to be out of the normal! If you look around at a mall sometime please just look at all the shapes and sizes of ALL people not just women! I hope that someone on here relizes that we are people too and part of this world! I have many many men tell me how pretty and beautiful I am! So please if you have rude things to say say it to yourself and ROCK ON girls for being women enough to do this!! I love it!!!

  14. two fat ladies 88 i love it true british culture. lets be fat, wev got nothing better to do like go out, danicng walking keeping healthy.

  15. omg those are some very beautiful women i think that big women are very exotic looking and wow those women are really a turn on hey if any beautiful big women in the new york area sees my comment here look me up on myspace my name is mike lee and im 19 or my email is killamic82@yahoo.com but i have pics on my myspace

  16. more women should be able to be comfortable with their bodies no matter wut size they are and not be critisized


  18. i am doing an A-Level art project on the ‘fuller figure’ and found this page to be very interesting.
    however on a personal opinion, i dont think obesity should be advertised as a good thing to be-obisity does kill and has killed! AND TO SAY THATS JUST A MYTH IS JUST STUPID!

  19. The diet industry has much to gain from government propaganda by the CDC. Yes, there are health risks fro morbid obesity but the individual health of each person is a holistic thing. Many factors including self-image enter into it.

  20. i would like to applaud these women for having the confidence to strip down and take these pictures. I am a big woman myself and i know how hard it is to feel any form of confidence or attractiveness when you don’t fit into society’s idea of the norm. I also know that being “obese” is a very serious health concern. but being bigger than those around you (ie “fat” does not mean that you are obese. some people are just a larger size than others. it not abnormal. so again kudos to these beautiful women.

  21. It needs to be ok for us larger women (I am 5’5″, 195lbs.) to feel good about ourselves. A happy person is a healthy person.

  22. im a guy and i find photo art to be one sided and i think any shap of a women is the best to look at.
    i find larger women are easy to chat with and are nicer.
    well some times.lol
    be ur self and only then u can live a full life and enjoy it.
    we are all the same inside ,we have a soul.

  23. It’s not about how fat you are, it’s about how well you eat and exercise. Some people can eat healthy and work out an hour a day and still be a plus sized person. Your body isn’t just influenced by what you eat, it’s genetics as well. Read a science journal about it sometime and educate yourself before you slander these bold and courageous women. Did you know that “fat” is the last accepted prejudice? Think about it.

  24. I Think they are beautiful indeed, I love it…

  25. Dear dustin
    There might be a chance that you are going to be crushed with all those ladies laying on top of you.

  26. Wow, I would give anything to be able to pose and feel beautiful like these women. I am 28 years old, 5’4 and I weigh 280 pounds. I want so bad to be seen as beautiful instead of “fat and ugly” but I am so ashamed of what I am. Instead of enjoying my life and doing things I love, like dancing, swimming, hiking, lately I’ve been hibernating in my house. I wish so many things….
    Sometimes I just want to give it all up and end this hurting.

  27. WOW… I was just browsing the interent when I cam across this site and it made my day! I am a BBW and i ENJOY taking pictures like this of myself even with my best friend who is ALSO a BBW. I like getting to know MORE people online so feel free to contact me… HATERS ARE NOT WELCOME!

  28. It’s just so beautiful! I love the look and feel of a full bodied woman! It’s so erotic, and much sexier when tastefully done. These are wives and mothers, real women. So beautiful.

  29. I heard about this on the news recently and said, out loud- “Personal victory!” And to me, anything that moves the public closer to loving everyone (being big is just MY beef with people, there are many others) is a personal victory. It really makes me feel good.
    A while later, I was on a site that has pictures and things and found the picture of the four women in a row and the title read “fat asses”. Needless to say, I went off. Most of the people on the site seem to be idiots. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to outsmart the ignorant and unloving people.
    Honestly… I don’t think those women are being exploited. I mean… if there’s a faction of people out there that like big women- GREAT! And if showing yourself in a sexual way makes you feel good about yourself and hipes your self esteem… good. I must say I don’t respect porn featuring big girls as much as I do these lovely photographs.

  30. I love fat women and huge breasts

  31. I wish That I could be as brave, proud, and Strong as the women in these pictures. i myself am I big women. I am only 5’4 and over 300 pounds. I hate to even write that not along say it out loud. My lack of selfesteem has caused problems with my boyfriend and I and I have it in my head that I am abosolutly disgusting and that no one in this world would ever want me. When I look at the women above it makes me smile, I see beauty, I see sexy women. Yet when I look at myself I see somthing so horrible. I guess when people, tv, news, and media having been pounding it into your head your entire life that fat is disgusting and undeserable you start to believe it. When the rest of the world is looking at you and judging you and telling you that you aren’t good enough it’s impossible to tell your self otherwise. Deep down my heart knows that there must be people out there that are attracted to big girls like myself but I have yet to meet many. I find it hard to believe that even after how far society has come fat girls are still not accepted and are mainly looked at as unattractive. To them women in these pictures, to any big girls who hold their head high, I envy you! When you can love yourself and idendify your worth you have the key to happiness.

    This has inpired me, xo

    • If you’re that fat, hop on the mil’ to keep away from the dil. God dammit lose some weight.

  32. hi i like bbw women

  33. fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntastic

  34. the things that I really, really can’t stand is the fact that people make money off of relaying their ideas or words to overweight people of what they think the obese should eat, or how they should live. I mean who’s paying these people, It’s certainly not the obese. obese people are not stupid nor do they need these oppinions. I don’t know one fat person that doesn’t know the shit these people are saying. To me it’s just wasted air. if you really want to know the facts look at the statistics stating how it is nearly impossible for obese people to lose weight and keep it off. Why live with the anxiety or stigma that society portrays. When will they understand that the world of the obese and the world of the non obese are completely different worlds. Please stop preaching your ideas of what you think is better for overweight people, you certainly will not gain any psychological advantage over me to make you feel better. Because that’s what it is. Sites like this are created to express ideas and visuals to relay to people to make statements. People don’t come here to hear bullshit like oh you know obesity is life threatening. hmm there’s a really creative thought there, and to place a link to something backing it up, well hmm your a really smart guy you know. One last fact to leave with you statistic lovers. obese people can expect to die 2 to 4 years earlier than normal by being obese, wow. Do you know smokers can expect to die 5 to 10 years earlier than normal by smoking 10 plus years or more. and alcoholics can nock of 10 more years than that. not to mention 100,000 people die each year earlier than expected accidentally. 20,000 people are murdered each year in the usa alone. This is a small percentage of who can die early listing a few causes. There are many more diseases that affect anyone, obese or not, there are virisus that can kill anyone no matter how much you weigh. So please leave the overweight people alone.

  35. I have to assume this is a tribute to Herb Ritts:

  36. I know nothing of the news that everyone has talked about. But I know what I like…BBW. Loved the pictures, And I love full figured women. I wish there were more normal looking women on T.V. and in the movies. I tired of the Teenage and size 2 and the no talent actors being pushed to the forefront.
    I know what I like and it’s not what people keep telling me, Or should I say, what the media keeps showing me.

  37. awesome, that all I got to say

  38. Hi!

    Your photographs are splendid!!
    I visited the site very (very!) fast, but I shall come back!

    Kind regards.

  39. To all of you that are being nasty about these women…why are you on the site! Secretly lusting I bet?

  40. this is great! these are strong women and they accept themselves, loves themselves. which is more than i can say for many of my friends who are thin to average sizes and constantly obsessing over poundage and hotness and what people think of them. i would rather be large and love myself than be thin and engaging in a psycho-emotional warfare on my bodymindsoul.

  41. Hahaha Caroline, that is so true. What are those idiots doing here saying bad things about fat people? Don’t they have anything better to do? Think about this, obese people like in America where people pay their own money to go to the hospital and don’t expect handouts, they don’t ask you to feed them with your tax dollars. So why are you idiots being mean about obese people? As is smokers as is Moslems. You just get AUTOMATICALLY hated. As a woman, when will I have a right over MY body?

  42. i am 20 years old and 5’4 weigh 235 i been a BBW fine art nude model for awahile i been looking everywhere to get the idea of posing and the background and this is the first website i found which i am so glady and i think its very beauitful i am proud of what i have i stare at myslef in the mirror and say i am beauitful everyday….. NICE WORK

  43. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH WTF? what fatasses. im gunna send this to all my friends and have a good laugh. omg eat a CARROT

  44. Pour acid on someone? “Gunna sent this to my friends”? a) When you’re buring in hell for your acid comment, tell Hitler to move over so you can help stoke the fire. b) You, little girl, need to learn to use proper GRAMMAR. You should be back in the second grade where illiterate bufoons such as yourself should’ve stayed.

    If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Simple as that. Some people might not want to look at your emaciated, illeterate, rude-asses, either! Don’t flatter yourselves.

  45. It’s really awesome. One of my frineds is a bbw model! Her body is well-proportioned though she weighs 200. As a model, she should do anything to keep her weight. No more, no less.

  46. the models at the to are stunningly beautiful …….keep up the great work ladys….


  47. this is disgusting STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES

  48. Beauty isn’t objective Erika. You could exercise grammar, but apparently that’s over your head.

    And as said before: It’s about your lifestyle. Healthy living OBJECTIVELY breeds health benefits. Seeing fat in a non negative fashion is not the same as condoning unhealthy living. You’re blinded if you think otherwise.

  49. I think these women are beautiful and I hope that Mr. Nimoy isn’t just exploiting their obesity (which it doesn’t seem like, but you never know what people will do for money sometimes).

    Whatever size we are, however, it’s true that we need to watch out for our health. I’ve never been a skinny girl and I never will be, but I do consider it important to be active and eat healthy and feel much better because of it. I work out almost every day, but not with the intention of losing weight, just keeping my body in shape in case I ever need to outrun any martians or rabid dogs (kidding). And of COURSE, we all know the odd person here and there who lived a long life despite being obese, just like the odd smoker who lived to be 90, but it’s a rarity and doesn’t mean we should all go out overeating and chain smoking. All the people that I know who are obese are not truly happy with themselves and have progressing health problems as they are getting older. It’s silly to neglect your health and not do all you can do to keep yourself healthy just by pointing out an obese miracle.

    You don’t have to be super-model thin, but it is a little dangerous to get into this “Yay, you’re fat like me, so let’s stick together, eat a gallon of ice cream and bitch about how society imposes skinny-ness on us.” Still, it’s great when people can feel good about their bodies. More power to these ladies!

  50. hi , i like to say thank you for thos who is not ashame of their bodys ..i’ve always loves bbw and i always say more to love ..bbw big beautiful woman ..to all the bbw woman always keep your chin up high and smile brightly love ya all (lion_sweet_leo@yahoo.ca )

  51. hi im a second year fashion degree student at colchester uni and am currently taking part in alternative fashion week – a well publisied and prestigious fashion event.

    this year we are challenging the size 0 debate about how a model should look etc, using beth ditto and elizabethian costume inspiration i have designed and will create an dramatic outfit.

    i am looking for a plus size model sized 18+ who is fun and confident to model my design on the catwalk during alternative fashion week in spittlefields london on the 23rd april. you must also be available for a dress fitting and rehersal on the 15th and 22nd of april at colchester.

    it will be a fun day out, coach fare to london will be paid for, and is a great event to take part in, lots of press are covering the event so you could be in the papers, this would be great work for an aspiring plus size model but no experience is needed anyone is free to contact me.

    would love to hear from you,



  52. *sigh*
    Yet another reason to love leonard Nemoy. What a classy guy.
    (spock was my first tv crush, lol)

  53. hol a pinád?
    hol a pinád?

  54. thats what im talking about i love big beautiful women

  55. I think people who are assuming that Nimoy is “glorifying” obesity or whatever are missing the point completely. These are tasteful, artistic photos…thus, he is exploring the aesthetics of this body type. These people are how they are, and happen to be Nimoy’s artistic subject. Preaching the “facts” about being overweight is pointless–the pictures are not about being healthy or not, they are about aesthetics. You might as well point out that women actually have a higher chance of developing breast cancer than men, and could get them removed to minimize that risk.

    As an artist myself, it is disappointing when people cannot let go of their limited perspective enough to stop passing judgement on everything. If anything, people should understand the courage it takes to be photographed this way. Plenty of “normal” people are too scared to do it. Just because something doesn’t fit your conformative opinion of “beauty” doesn’t mean you should open your mouth and make your ignorance public.

  56. i love the fact that ur all saying that being obese is unhealthy which being fat i woul know along with all the ppl that are. but its no healthier being a size zero anorexic chick that has bones sticking out of places u didnt know had bones. i would NEVER choose being skinny and a completely different person than what i am now, and beleive me its 10x easier for a fat person to loose weight than for a skinny person to put on weight!!!

  57. obease boy! saggy tits! no pecks ! flabby hips! fat bitch! cabage lips! YOU MAKE ME SICK

  58. mum, you look so beautiful. hopefully one day i can be as fat as you x

  59. get at me fishy

  60. I think these photos are amazing. Like others have said, they are tasteful and very well done. Sure, people say ” well, it’s unhealthy”.. yes, it is, but some people cannot help it and you need to just accept who you are and be comfortable in your own skin, and these beautiful young ladies are doing just that. I have an enormous amount of respect for these women. Well done :).

  61. I think those photos were beautiful. So often you find photos that are just … distasteful and who nothing of the soft feminine features, larger woman in most cases are exploited and made fun of. I am 20 years old and have been large my whole life, but I’ve been active, I play contact sports semi professionally. I worked out all the time and have a job that is very active all day long, but yet, I’m still larger. Should I be treated as a sub-class citizen for that reason ? I think that those photos were absolutely stunning and I give thanks to the woman who posed, thank you ladies , for you are braver than I, but perchance I finally understand what my boyfriend sees in me and why he tells me every chance he has that I’m beautiful.

    ~ Becca ~

  62. I like those pictures a lot. That is what big women should look like. I will share those great picture with my big friends at largeplace.com.

  63. this is awesome! i love the take off on the famous Herb Ritts photo, and I think I might like Nimoy’s better.

  64. I’m all for the whole women being proud of their bodies and not to subject themselves to societys view point of “beautiful”. But I also feel women should have self respect and showing their nude bodies and claiming it is liberating kinda disgusts me.

  65. Then go post on a porno site. Thats what the skinny bitches say about being in porn right? it’s “liberating”.

  66. Wow ladies.. wow. I just love this! It makes me proud to be a fat chick! 🙂 Ladies with curves are the awesomeness! ^.^ I prefer big chicks anyways… I never was a girl to shop in the petite section. As a growing teen I was always shooed away into the larger womens section and never the junior section where I should have been shopping for my age because of how fast I had grown and The size I was. I always hated my weight, my breast size… I hate everything that I was up until a few years ago. I came to an acceptance that I like being big! I’m healthy, I exorcise regularly. Some times the fat doesn’t come off like they say. With that, I accepted my self for who I was and if I had the chance I’d do exactly what these ladies did; something beautiful. Kudos to you all. Its completely gorgeous.

  67. I think these women are beatiful and very coragious. I could never pose for something like this. When ever you look at the TV its all about being skinny, and its good to know that women are BIG, BEAUTIFUL AND LOVING IT. Some people left comments talking about the health risk associated with being obese but what about the risk of being to thin and the people that starve themselves to be that way(I work at a pediatricians office and we see lots of kids with this problem!). People should face the fact that there are more women who look like this than women who look like Paris Hilton and Brittney spears.

  68. Those women are no more beautiful than overly thin “skin and bones”-type women. Both extremes are unhealthy, though one extreme happens to be more common than the other. Neither should be celebrated (“pushed”) as beautiful.

    Being the best you can be is beautiful, not just saying that you are…

  69. Absolutely disgusting(I do not mean in a visual sense). People around the world are starving and people in America celebrate fat people stuffing their mouths and attempt to call it ‘beauty’. Obesity related illnesses kill more people than Drugs, Alcohol, and tobacco combined….it is not something that should be celebrated, it is something that should be taught as distasteful and extremely harmful. These women are not leading a good example for youth or for anyone for that matter.

  70. And Holiday, yes both extremes are unhealthy. Starving oneself to be thin is unhealthy as well. But this topic is about Obese women, not skinny women.

    Brittney Spears is NOT anorexic so I don’t know why you used her as an example. Paris Hilton is too thin, but you shouldn’t say that there are more women like those above than there are who look like Paris Hilton and celebrate it as a good thing. Neither is healthy and neither should be considered normal and neither should be encouraged. For you to say “It’s good that some women are BIG, BEAUTIFUL, AND LOVING IT” is similar to saying “it’s good these people are alcoholics and loving it” or “it’s good those people are addicted to drugs and loving it” because obesity is just as unhealthy as alcohol, tobacco, and in some cases even many drugs. IMO those who try to push this image as a good image are hurting their cause more than helping it.

    I’m sure if there were a bunch of anorexic women in the art display you would be appalled. This is just as appalling.

  71. What beautiful pictures! I love bbws. I admire their bodies and faces, there is nothing wrong with being a big woman.

  72. Damnit Spock!
    You’re a Science Officer, not a photographer!

  73. Hi

    I always love fat woman with big breast

  74. I love this kid of physic.Really cute and nice.thamks

  75. I love this kind of physic.really nice and cute.

  76. I adore these photos, it’s wonderful to see BBW’s portrayed in such elegant poses, as for the idiots here? I would say something, but it seems your below average IQ’s speak much louder about you than I ever could. If you don’t like it you don’t have to look. Isn’t it simple really?!

  77. I think this is WONDERFUL and these woman are BEAUTIFUL! It’s sad that there are so many negative comments here. You don’t have to like everything you see and you don’t have to be attracted to every type but I do expect those around me to just be nice. There are a lot of people in this world and if we’d all just learn respect it would go a lot smoother.

    These women are PERFECT!

    … and if you can’t be nice just go away.

  78. I am a big girl too who sees myself as beautiful! It really doesn’t matter how others see or what they think about you, it’s all in how you feel and think about yourself.

  79. As a long time bbw lover, I enjoyed the pictures. There are many of us men who don’t want some skinny woman to snuggle up with. Thank you for posting them.

  80. i myself am a plus size woman. yet, I excersize everyday, i walk, do yoga and body toning. i always try to eat the healthier option and recently my doctor told me that my blood pressure, cholestrol, sugar etc are better than most of his patients who are ” normal weight”. most of my friends are slim but they smoke, don’t excersise, live off coffee and slimming tablets to keep their slim figures… why is it that the world will cry with someone trying to overcome a dependancy like alcohol or drugs but they have no sympathy or kind words about big people.i like myself, my spirit is free and my breasts whish they could be! i taught my daughter that a woman is only as beautiful as her attitude and that to be healthy is more important than fitting into society’s warped ideas of beauty. and yes, perhaps i could lose some weight but i will not compromise myself to do so…to all the big, beautiful, generously proportioned ladies( and gentleman) out there…love and kisses from sunny south africa xxx

  81. These are beautiful photos. No, he is not “glorifying” obesity any more than someone who takes a picture of an average-sized person. He is capturing self-acceptance, which is wonderful work.

    Some of these commentors are so hateful…Obesity may be unhealthy- but does it feel healthy to have a bitter, ugly soul?

  82. Now that is what I’m talking about. The way they carry themselves makes them stunning. Big or not they are beautiful. I’m a big girl and i love it. Only real dogs like bones. Much love to my sisters.

  83. To me what is attractive about these women, as a man viewing Mr. Spock’s photos, is the feeling that they are confident in their own skin. Yeah, I like that.

  84. They are all perfect in my eyes..very sexy!!

  85. Fantastic photos, and kudos to the ladies involved. What all these people banging on about how all fat people should lose weight need to realise is that for a lot of people, it’s not a choice or a lifestyle. This is not choosing to pick up a bottle and drink. This is not lighting up a cig and puffing away. THOSE are choices. Many larger women got that way because they have problems with thyroids, or were abused, or maybe both! My weight all went on within a year because my thyroid went mental, and I am still active and fit, but I don’t look it. Now, should I be forced to hate my body just because I can never be a size 0, or even a 10? Should I be ashamed of myself constantly just for being larger? Does being a “normal weight” give you the right to criticise all larger women without first knowing their story? I think not. Mr Nimoy’s photos are fantastic, and thanks to him, a very marginalised section of our society felt good about themselves for a few minutes. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  86. I do agree being fat should never be used to degrade a person’s worth. But at the same time being accepted for who we are shouldn’t stop us from striving to make better choices in our lifestyle and better ourselves. I do agree that media somewhat promotes these extremely thin women and this sort of ‘thin is beautiful’ thing. Anorexia is an eating disorder but so is overeating.

    Being (EXTREMELY) fat is not ugly, but is shouldn’t be glorified either.What body we have is an indication of state of health in one way or another. It’s all about extremes, extremely fat or extremely thin is not good.

    I myself was obese once but I am working hard to improve myself. Not to be good looking or for any other aesthetic reason but so much weight just takes a toll on your body. I’m 21 yrs old and I got confined for rheumatoid arthritis when I was 19. It’s just a hard experience and just the sheer agony of trying to stand up or sit down during those times made me realize I just had to make better choices in my lifestyle.

    For me, the best way to accept ourselves is to accept our shortcomings and work hard towards bettering ourselves. Acceptance is the first step but there always have to be something beyond it that makes acceptance actually more meaningful and productive.

  87. fat ass bitches ughhh

  88. Stunning!!! I love a woman with “meat on the bone” as to speak.
    All to often people bang on about the “size 0 thing” I personally hate that, it looks sick. Give me a beautiful cuddly women any day of the week..very sexy.

  89. WARNING: The Fully Body Project ‘glorifies’ obesity. Upon seeing this exhibit the viewer will immediately think “Wee! It’s okay to be fat!” and will consume the first highly caloric, fatty food item they see.


    Well, for all of those people who seem to be concerned that all of this ‘fat glorification’ will go to my head, let me assure you that it won’t happen. Everyday I go out into a world that tells me that ‘fat is not okay.’ I read magazines full of stick-thin, rich actresses that are listed as ‘the world’s most beautiful people.’ I shop in stores where the largest size is always a bit too tight (or ‘never gonna happen’ tight). I watch reality TV shows that feature size 0 models as the ideal, if not the norm.

    There is no way on earth that The Full Body Project is going to brainwash me into more unhealthy eating habits. What this exhibit does is show natural, plus-sized women that are happy and sexual. These images demonstrate that I’m not alone in the universe, that bodies like mine do exist out there.

    So instead of trying to protect the poor, feeble fat girl who can’t tell the different between art and a license to cruise the all-you-can-eat buffets, just stop. Accept that these pictures showcase a segment of the population that is marginalized, put-down, ignored and ridiculed most of the days of their lives. Just accept that these pictures represent the power, confidence, beauty and sexuality of natural women and stop trying to save me because frankly, I can make up my own mind.

  90. Amindofherown– you said it all, right there.

    It’s been said before, but I will happily say it again: if you do not like the photos, or think fat is unhealthy– do not look. It really is that simple.

    Yes, I am a big woman. I am a beautiful woman. I am who I am. Just as these women are who the are: beautiful, curvy women who are okay with their bodies. Skinny or those deemed to be of ‘normal’ size have that right: please allow us the same without recriminations.

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall if some of these ‘fat haters’ had lived in medieval times– when a woman’s curves and fat really were celebrated as well as used as a measuring stick of a woman’s wealth. The more plump a woman was, the more attractive she was. In parts of Africa, this is still considered the norm.

    Bottom line folks– enjoy these pictures for what they were meant to be enjoyed as: women celebrating who they are. THAT is something that all women could… or should… relate to!

  91. Being fat isn’t beautiful, its disgusting.

    I can say this because i have struggled with weight, and i have succeeded with proper diet and excercise.

    How ca u say that something that wobbles all over the place is beautiful? U walk and your skin droops everywher. Yuck.

    Take care of yourselves.

    Theres no need for glutony.

  92. prefect, exellent,the focus BW.i like it this.

  93. You girls are so sweet. I which I was right there with you all.

  94. “I’m much more likely to feel comfortable randomly striking up a conversation with a heavy women like myself than a slender woman. I’m not consciously discriminating against the slender woman, I’m just more instantly drawn to the heavier woman based on our obvious outward similarities.”

    like how white people are drawn to other white people? i get what you’re saying, i just think it’s sort of dumb. it’s sharing experiences with people who have different experiences that spreads compassion and helps eliminate the kinds of discrimination that comes from being anything out of the norm, fat, skinny, a person of color, gay, atheist, you name it… congregating together in isolation does nothing for your cause, as good and secure as it makes you feel

  95. that’s not to say i don’t appreciate the artwork. for me, black and white automatically adds class, and bodies as subjects is always interesting because so often in our lives, we *aren’t* subjects. for example, larger bodies are seen as the objects of poor diets and lack of exercise, but in this light, the women become subjects of their experiences, their bodies, their lives, their spirituality… its a very moving exhibit

  96. and mr. dietitian *student*, government agencies are *always* selling something, though it may not be out of the particular genre of barter you’re used to… just because the website is from a group that is not government backed doesn’t mean they don’t have reputable sources, which they seem to cite in every article. not to mention, “obesity poses more health risks than being normal weight”—A DUH, and it’ll kill you a bit faster too, but i’d trade in a long life of hunger and self-hatred (yes people of healthy weight hate themselves too, and they torture themselves with exercise and calorie restriction in order to live up to the big scary expectations of society because they’re mindless, insecure, lemmings) for a short life of plump happiness any day. no one is saying being obese doesn’t pose threats, they’re just saying who cares.

  97. “Fascinating…”

  98. Beautiful.

  99. basically i bet all of you people that say ‘these woman are beautiful’ say this because you’re all fat sons of bitches yeah?! you people fucking discust me. try eating some dust. amd whilest you’re eating your fucking great big triple burger and supersize fries; why dont you think of all the starving children in africa. you’re all selfish greedy PIGS.

  100. i had such a satisfying wank last night over these pictures

  101. you masturbate over these pictures too
    ? wow we have so much to talk about

  102. once i even came so hard i managed to get it in my face! these women are grrrrrrreat.

  103. i know!!!! i wish these bitches could come over to my house and be my babysitter. imagine what could happen 😛

  104. they need to loose weight for there own health

  105. Thats really an awesome art,i really like what i see,i always say that fat women need love too..they are really gret pictures

  106. Personally, I love fluffy women.

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