Torrid – Hot or Not?

trrid.jpgI hate to admit it, but lately, I’ve been feeling a little chilled by Torrid.

Believe me, I love the store. I really do. It has revolutionized plus-size fashion in just six short years, making age-appropriate fashions accessible to teenagers and young adults in a way that had never been done before. It’s been my haven since freshman year of high school, right before it went from goth to glam and got really well-known for offering cutting-edge styles.

No longer did I need to stuff myself into elastic waistband jeans, over-sized (and ugly) tees/tops, and hideous flowered stretch pants. I could now buy real jeans that actually fit me nicely, cool screen tees and fashion tops, and even cute dresses that actually showed off my curvy figure. Half my wardrobe consists of their clothes (the rest an assortment vintage stuff I stole from my mom and grandma and a handful of items from Target, Avenue, and Lane Bryant) and I don’t even own a single pair of jeans that didn’t come from the store.

So why am I feeling so dissatisfied with Torrid lately?

Well, let’s start with the fact that even when I comb through the site every few weeks (since the closest store is a bit far from my college), I can barely find anything worth while anymore. It’s not that the fashions are necessarily ugly – in fact, most items are usually stunning and edgy (did I just use edgy unironically?) – they’re just not practical. While I always want to be stylish and attractive, a plaid corset top or a pink foil halter just isn’t going to cut it on my campus.

I’m no longer in high school. I need to convey a certain level sophistication, a certain looks that says, “I’m both smart and fashionable, but neither too nerdy or too gaudy.”

Sure this stuff is always cute and looks great on the models, but most of what I see these days just doesn’t work for me. I need something wearable, especially in the cold New England winters. But just look at these sweaters! Not ONE of them is practical for the every day. Sure, I want to stand out, but come on! I really just can’t picture myself in something like this:


(Sorry, I’d rather not wear something that looks like it has Charlie Brown’s upset mouth all over it)


(“Booger” doesn’t really go with my coloring. Have anything in “Amethyst”?)


(I have light eyes. I need something a little less…bright. And skanky.)

Of course they also sell great normal clothes, but I am not about to spend $35 on a short-sleeve top like that. Heck, I’m barely willing to spend that much on a long-sleeve sweater! I’m a college student. Mommy and daddy don’t chip in for my wardrobe anymore. I just can’t afford $40 a top.


This black pique short sleeve jacket is gorgeous and wearable. I could just picture myself donning it, especially over a long colorful shirt like the one picured. It would look great with my hourglass figure. The problem is Torrid is charging $50 for it.

That’s right, $50! For that tiny little thing. Sure, these are well-made products that last for years, but that kind of pricing is just outrageous. Torrid attracts younger customers who probably aren’t the professional women that a store like Lane Bryant appeals to. Most teenagers/young adults just don’t make that kind of money, and if they do, they’re probably not looking to spend it all on clothes. That jacket and the shirt under it or a pair of jeans would run me $100 alone and that’s just not feasible.

This past weekend, I did end up spending $100 on clothing. At New York & Company (sizes up to 18) I was able to buy seven items for the same price as I would have been able to buy two items at Torrid. An example of two my new tops:



Practical, wearable, fashionable. Sophistated, yet fun. Just enough of conservative without being boring, and just enough of cuteness without the cloying.

Maybe I’ve just outgrown my beloved Torrid. While I’ll always love the store and see myself continuing to buy things from there in the future, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to find most of what I need from there anymore. I’m starting to realize that I can be more of a lady and less of a “look at me!” I’ve mellowed, I’ve matured. I don’t need the attention the way I used to. I want people to look at me and be impressed, not wonder who I’m trying to impress.

Don’t feel bad, Torrid. It’s not you, it’s me.

~ by Rob Anne on May 1, 2007.

30 Responses to “Torrid – Hot or Not?”

  1. I can agree with that, some of the items on Torrid are a little overboard. Because honestly I won’t wear the items above. But when their on point their on point. Have you ever been to and what about I think so companies forget that we want to look sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

    Truly Curvaceous

  2. You’re right – when they’re on point, they’re on point. I still love the store to death and the clothes that I have from there, it’s just sometimes I wish they sold more clothes that were a little more for the every day.

    I was going to talk about Lane Bryant too and their outrageous prices. The problem with that store to begin with is that a lot of what they have isn’t always youthful. I mean, when I finally get a career and all that, I am definitely going to shop there because they have great professional clothing, but for now, I can’t afford it and some of that stuff would be out of place on my campus.

    I will check out Kiyonna, thanks!


  3. I totally agree with you. It is almost impossible to find cute plus-sized clothes that are reasonably priced. But there is a store near my apartment called Dots. It has really trendy, somewhat practical, extremely wallet-friendly clothes that range from XS up to 4X. Nothing I saw was over 20 bucks. I don’t know if they are nationwide, but I suggest checking it out.

  4. I am 32 and way past looking like a college student. However, last year I had an extra big tax refund and bought a new wrdrobe at Torrid. This year the clothes are just awful. And can you tell me how I can be busting out of their size 18 and swimming in their size 20? I like your blog and would like to link to you as a good blog, but I feature bad blogs in the body of the post so let me know if I can list you under “Really Good Blogs” on the sidebar.

  5. Oh yeah, and check out for cute cheap plus sized clothes.

  6. I think Torrid’s clothing is cheap looking. I don’t mean whoreish, though that’s often the case, but poorly made. It looks like the crap you get a fashion bug. I prefer lane bryant and busting my ass so I stay a 14 and have more options.

  7. Speaking of which, even Fashion Bug has become expensive. I remember loving to shop there all the time, and after re-visiting it after a few years, I can do nothing but cringe.
    Another good store is Rainbow.
    Unfortunately you can’t shop online or view more products (They do have clothes that I have worn to work, and I’m a secretary. People always comment on my tastes, lol). But it is a good store with great prices if you can find one.
    Normally I -hate- empire waists (they feel like pregnancy clothes), but I found a good number of them that were absolutely gorgeous, wearable and COMFORTABLE! Believe that? They have wonderful clearance racks and racks of 5$, 10$ and 15$ items. I left the store with 3 gorgeous shirts for $32.50. is also a decent place to shop. I havent had much trouble finding things that my size 18 arse can fit into and look great. Prices arent too bad if you look around.(And I have severe problems with finding clothes I like. Has to give me a shape, feel comfortable, be afordable and definately no sleeveless shirts! Summer sucks) You could also grab some great sales from this site. Love it.
    Btw, if anyone has any more sites or stores that they know about, please e-mail me about them. I’m always looking for different things.
    Thanks, sorry for typing so much!!

  8. I love torrid. It’s my new fav. store. The ladies that don’t like torrid any more need to go to lane bryant. that is for the older plus size woman. I mean Lane B. has dress clothes and clothes that cover more that are very very pretty. and if that what you need thats where you need to go. This is what it is. Torrid= Young and Lane Bryant= Old

  9. Help Me Please !!!

    I’m coming over to Florida in Feb / Mar 08 and I am planning to buy an entire new wardrobe, but where should I be heading ??

    I live in the UK, and our plus size clothes are either awful or too damn expensive. We have stores dedicated to plus sizes, however the cut of the shirt is wrong or they charge you £30 / $60 for one shirt. A vest is £10 / $20.

    Here they think that if you are are 20/22 that you are about 5’2 in height. Im 5’8 / 5’9 so the jeans are too short or baggy around the ass !!!

    Also I need a prom dress type number for a cruise event I’ve got coming up in april. I know of Torrid and have bought a few things from there in the past but if anyone knows of anywhere else in or around the Orlando / Sarasota area, please help me !!!

    I’m only 22 years old !! I don’t want to look like my grandma !!! Thanks a lot in advance , Jen xxxxx

  10. I used to love Torrid a lot as well. But you’re right, their clothing has just become… over the top in a lot of cases, and borderline trashy. They used to have quality clothes as well, and now the last few times I’ve tried browsing through (finding nothing), what I saw that I liked was too expensive, and the material felt too cheap. Even the sewing on the clothing is way too cheap for what the price is. I mean, if I’m going to spend $40 on a shirt I expect that the seams are going to be finished and not fall apart after washing it once…

    In all honesty, I’ve started going to stores like Deb (their plus section) or even Dots. The clothes are pretty much exactly the same as what Torrid has, and the fabric and stitching is just the same as Torrid’s, if not better in some cases. And I feel much better paying $12 for a shirt that would run me $40 at Torrid.

    The only downside is I can’t buy Dots and Deb Plus online. However, the sizing on their stuff, especially Dots, is such that I can buy it right off the rack without trying it on. The last few times I ordered Torrid, I had to return literally everything.

  11. Today is Torrid’s last day of their addtional 50% off clearance items sale. I picked up a few items.
    I like them for the most part. Especially their shoes. I have hug feet and their shoes fit perfectly.

  12. I love that someone commented about the 50 percent off sale yesterday. Now the sale has been extended!

    Don’t say to Torrid, that it’s you not them. It’s totally them!
    I guess there is enough plus sized teens who wished they could shop at places like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 and all of those other junior stores in the mall to allow Torrid to profit.

    But . . . once you get older and store caring about the qualily of clothing and decide to be concerned about fit, it’s time to say goodbye to Torrid.

    I loved Torrid in 2002/2003 when they opened, I was really big (5’1″ and 260 pounds). When I went to college I started losing weight because I had the freedom to make better chioces for myself. Now that I’m older and my taste have changed I only look at Torrid’s website for branded accessories like Betsey Johnson purses.

    Now, my hands are too small to wear their bracelets, and I wear a size five shoe, but still have some problems with width. I’m short and I have unusual proportions so I am getting down to were I’ll be able to wear petite clothes from Anthropologie. My major is made of 99% female students, so it’s very important that I look like I have control and style or else whatever my thoughts and ideas even good ones will be disregarded.

    My mother saved all of my clothes because she always told herself, “I can loose the weight to fit into them”, she got lapband surgery at the beginning of the year and now she is wearing my old Torrid pants, they are more flattering on her than they ever were on me, and she looks better in them than Torrid models look online.

    I’m guessing in a few more years, young women will be able to have a good looking plus-sized young contemporary line, somewhere, maybe Kohl’s. Old Navy’s plus size online collection looks cute, it runs bigs, but even old Navy’s missy sizes run large, and GAP’s sizing too!

    But right now my favorite thing to wear is the deep V-necks from Urban Outfiters by their house brand Truly Madly Deeply. They feel nice, but they fit me on my body where I am not plus-sized, and I think the price is worth it as long as I take care of them nicely.

  13. I definitely agree with you! I, however, am in a different life situation. I used to wear Torrid clothes all the time when I was working and had to wear “business casual” clothes – that was about 4 years ago. Now, I am a stay at home mom. I need things that can be easily laundered, can be beat up, are comfortable, and not too high priced. I’d also like to stay somewhat fashionable if that’s even possible. And since my body is so much different than before my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t really fit me comfortably anymore. Some of Torrid’s clothes are cute – but not for the price tag! Even some of the so called “clearance” clothes are expensive!

    So, I usually shop the Plus Sized clearance and bargains section of Sometimes you can find some really cheap stuff there if you keep an eye out. And shipping prices aren’t too bad. I once got 5 tops for $10! I also shop,,, and They usually have great offers – lots of coupon codes available if you search “Roamans coupons codes” or whatever. Usually you can get 40% or 30% off your highest priced item. And they offer deferred billing too. Some of their clothes are a little weird looking…but they cater to most tastes. My only complaint about them is that they don’t have like, screen printed tees or punk rock type stuff. And a lot of the stuff is more basic and sophisticated. You can’t beat the price though. Lately, I have found some cuter things for cheap at Walmart. I hate this economy!

  14. Ir’s funny how you people bitch and moan about how expensive Torrid is. But on the other hand, how you don’t like the clothes at LB or FB.Torrid is for teens and early 20’s,it’s TRENDY and EDGE. They don’t do frumpy and extreme casual. It’s cheaper than LB (who wants to pay $80 for an ugly shirt),it’s not moo moo style, and their customer service sets them apart from everyone. And obviously they do better business wise,business is thriving and they aren’t closing any stores, LB and FB on the other hand, are dropping like flies. They don’t demand you to buy anything, they don’t beg you either.. so if you don;t like it, keep your mouth shut… nobody is telling you to shop there.

  15. wow whatta bitch! ^ Lol. I think the whole business of a blog was to NOT keep your mouth shut. Lol. Some people who are allowed on the internet amaze me.

    On a further note, torrid has some pretty decent clothes but as stated before they are not an everyday type of clothing for people who are working/stay at home moms/have non-professional attire job requirements/low budget. I was going through their clearance section today and usually I drop about a good $400 twice a year on clothes, and so far I have spent nothing. I have maybe 5 wishlist items (i use it to keep track of what i want/need to buy for a certain look), and their clothes have become disappointing. What I want to know is who manufactures the clothes that torrid uses (they don’t make those clothes, they just use a private label manufacturer). THAT would be where the good deals would be at. Maybe they would offer a bigger selection as well.

  16. Hi – I have enjoyed reading these coments – Im from new zealand and discovered torrid a coupleof years ago much to my relief – as with other people my options as a really tall plus size women was nasty granny clothes or paying hundreds and hundresd of dollars for exhorbitant retail outlets. I am now mid thrities and have to concede that torrid is a little hit and miss – i have been burnt by a few things – poor quality cloth used for tops which pill very quickly – also I avoid anything that says it has a shimmer – translation – metalic type thread woven into fabric which looks incredibly cheap and is scratchy. My main complaint however is the shipping is way over priced almost prohibitive – usually I pay about $40 in shipping – which is double when you convert to NZ$ – essentially doubling the price of the clothes. The only way I can justify any purchase is to wait until the 50% off cleareance which brings the price down again. Its great I now have option and i really appreciate the other suggestions above. Stay cool ladies – power to the plump! xxx

  17. Yeah, the Torrid pricing is outrageous! I’m sixteen and have a job working for minimum wage. I don’t make a lot of money! I feel guilty asking my parents to buy me anything, esp. a $40 top from Torrid. I love their stuff, and when they have sales it’s worth it! But I’m not going to spend all my money on like two tops and a necklace.
    They put their aim toward teenagers and young adults, so shouldn’t their pricing reflect that? Especially in this economy.

    Okay, so got Torrid blues? Check out a store called Dots! I love love love that place. Granted, they are more alligned to teenagers, but they have some older stuff too. Also Fashion Bug. Fashion Bug is aligned more for adults, less teenage stuff more sophisticated.

  18. I absolutely adore this message, almost as much as I adore Torrid. The only places I would ever shop were Wal-Mart and Target, until I discovered Torrid. I do agree, on the other hand, that Torrid’s clothes are only wearable for the girls who have money and plan to go clubbing on a daily basis. As a college student, my daily wardrobe consists of a hoodie and jeans. There are the occasional days that I feel like being slightly flirty, but never cocky enough to wear the obnoxious designs most of Torrid’s clothes contain. I’ve always wnated to buy a ppair of jeans there, but never have due to the prices. I just bough a tube top shirt from Torrid, using the $210 paycheck i just received, and left the store with $140 left, and that had to last me a month in food. I guess it is my fault, I shouldn’t have been so drawn in with the shirt, but I loved it! Regardless, I agree with the “essay” or whatever above.

  19. Have any of the ladies here considered Ashley Stewart?

    I’m a guy myself, but I can understand the pain of a) not wanting to blow huge cash on items that seem noways worth it and b) not wanting to look like I’m 18 yet not look like I’m officially “old” either.

  20. I agree with the pricing problem at Torrid. Recently I bought 3 items which came to about $97.00. I found a coupon code for $10.00 off a purchase of $50.00 or more (score!) and then I had my divastyle 5% discount for a grand total of about $15.00 off. Then I got to the shipping section of the checkout process and my discount was only about a dollar! I made another purchase with another coupon code and my divastyle discount and when all was said and done I saved 2 cents! literally! They either need to change their pricing or their shipping.

    The clothes are OK. I noticed recently that some shirts I’ve bought have pilled quickly (like after one or two washes).

  21. Forget Torrid. It’s all about Forever21’s new plus-size line, Faith21. They have great stuff and for about half the price you’d pay at Torrid.

  22. Ah, Torrid is awful; i don’t know how any of you shop there. Who cares how expensive they are? They’re so ugly…My choices there are either something with a vampire on them or something i’d probably wear in bed for my husband (corset, etc).

  23. I agree. Too expensive. But not closing down their stores? NOT TRUE! They are closing the one in Gainesville, Florida where I live – Sad, but hell, at least I can afford their closing sale!! ‘Half off everything already marked down’. Aha but some of the clothing are still like 40 bucks at the end of the whole hundred something dollars it is for a single dress… whatever.

  24. Torrid hates my boobs. I’m now sure. I was blessed…and curesed…with being 5 foot 10 inches tall with a toosh that can knock down a line of people and tata’s the width of my hips…it’s not a fun thing to fit. Torrid does NOT care about their bigger busted ladies. I’m a size F or if I want an octo-boob I can cram them into a DDD but that never cuts it, and Torrid’s top either rip on my upper chest or the buttons pop off. Does anyone know of a place for larger chests?

  25. I agree i was just check out Torrid’s store online and the only things I liked on there would be two 48 dollar hoodies. There pricing is really ridiculous. But I just found this online store that has pretty cute clothing at really cheap prices.

  26. Fashion to Figure is my faaaaaavooooooorite store! That’s where I go for all of my tops and dresses! (I am large on top,small on bottom, so the pants are too big) Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart have nice stuff for older woman, but they are also way overpriced. I say, stick to Fashion to Figure! Oh, FTF carries the same brand of clothing that Rainbow and Strawberry do….but I think some stuff is actually cheaper at rainbow (if they have the exact same items!)

  27. If you have a Dots in your area check it out. I love that store! They are kind of like a Rainbows but have better fashions. And I have never paid more than 25 bucks for a piece. They also have the same styles in the plus size section that they have in the smaller sizes which is very rare.

  28. Yeah I just had a huge problem with Torrid with their customer service. They were over a month late with their shipment and their resolution was horrible.
    Sincerely: No longer an avid shopper


  30. I love what you guys are up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

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