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crystal50.jpgI am fat.

Though this is a term loaded with meaning, expectations, perceptions, denotations, connotation, representations, imagery criticism, and commendation, I intend it as an observation. It is statement bogged down by history, psychology, culture, biology, sociology, economics, and geography. It pervades our cultural media more than we realize. It pervades our minds more than we realize. (“Wow, look at how fat she’s gotten!”; “Woo, boy, look at that fine fat ass!”; “I am so fat!”; “Look at my little man, he’s gotten so fat! Look at those chubby cheeks!”; “I don’t know if I’d date a fat guy….”)

I have more fat than the average woman. I am just bigger. My clothes size is bigger. My bras size is bigger. My jewelry size is bigger. My shoes size is bigger. Heck, my towels are bigger! It’s just a fact of life and accept it for what it is. It’s a part of me, as much as the fact that my eyes are green and my hair is wavy.

What puts meaning into my fatness is other people. Some may think of it as repulsive, or something to use as an insult against me. Others may value it and view it as a part of my beauty. I would estimate that it is more likely to be seen as a negative than a positive in our contemporary culture – a no-brainer to most of you. As my 10th grade English teacher and mentor, Evelyn Sideri of East Meadow High School, on

ce put it, “[Being hateful to fat people] is the last acceptable prejudice,” – and I agree with her. But there is a growing faction of people who support fat people in their efforts to break down stereotypes, discrimination, and boundaries that society has imposed upon them. They are part of a somewhat underground campaign known as the Fat Acceptance Movement, as well as a a sub-category of the campaign known as the Fat Feminism Movement. Out of these has emerged a very new and very controversial academic field known as Fat Studies, which parallels Black Studies, Latin Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and other similar academic fields in how previously under-respected social groups have gained enough significance within our culture to warrant attention from the academic community.

I intend to explore these campaigns and this area of study, as well as how culture and media represent fat people within our society. There will be negative things, but positive ones as well. It seems as though the work of the activists, particularly the Fat Feminists in the 1980s, has made a noticeable impact on how our culture views fat people. Personally, I have noticed quite a change in the past five-to-ten years in how now more widespread the positive image of fat (more popularly deemed “curvaceous” or “full-figured”) women has become. From the recent growth in the number and popularity of stylish plus-size clothing brands (no more muu-muus and oversize tees for us!) to the ever more ubiquitous appearances of “Love Your Fat Self!”-style self-esteem booster books and chick-lit novels. I think a lot of this has to do with the growth of the usability of the Internet in the last ten years, which has allowed for non-tech-savvy people to create online communities with people like themselves. In other words, fat women are meeting other fat women from all over the world, and through social computing, they are commiserating, sharing ideas, boosting their confidences, and they are creating and spreading the gospel. Of course, this is a major topic that needs a full post, and so I will elaborate on this at a later time.

The point is, to misquote The Color Purple‘s Celie, “I’m big, fat, I may even be unattractive, but dear God I’m here, I’m here!”


~ by Rob Anne on March 30, 2007.

7 Responses to “About This Blog”

  1. I want you to know that I am very impressed by what you have written. It resonates with me. I am a full figured, well endowed good-looking woman, yet was not always so voluptuous. Even when I was in my teens and very slim, I remember a boyfriend saying that I was voluptuous and I loved being described that way. Now I describe myself that way because my weight has become an issue for me. It is an issue in society too as you so eloquently articulate.

    I am now not slim. It is in my genes I guess; a propensity towards full figuredness – size 44 d cup but I have been unwell for five years – have m.e. so all that ‘resting’ has not helped my cause to burn up fat. But your article truly warms me. You have expressed what many of us bigger woman cannot articulate .

    For several months I have been engaging with that dubious activity ‘online dating’ here in London, and am constantly hurt by comments asking me to expand on what I mean in my profile by ‘full figured’ or ‘voluptuous’ or ‘curvaceous’. words that I associate with sensual feminity and my size – yet I have had these words thrown back at me in derogatory humiliating ways and never cease to be amazed at how deeply embedded misogyny is in this society. It also makes me very sad how we seem in the noughties to have undermined all that hard work that the women who burned their bras did for us in the past. Nowadays as I wait in a queue to pay for my shopping, magazines sitting on the racks beside me shout out on every glossy cover obsessions about cellulite, plastic surgery, film star s who have have lost weight, celebrities who haves gained weight; how to get your body down to a bikini size in ten days, some suggest you can do it in three days! It is endlessly oppressive and vacuous

    Self love is an arduous task in a media driven society pulling one down into marginality.

    Thank you. You are an inspiration to me. And I most likely will be quoting you often to all who trouble me, You have got me to look at ‘fat’ in a different way. FAT…fancy that…not such an unpoetic word after all.

    Bliss bless

    Cayley – London, UK

  2. i have now joined the world of bloggers. so let me see if this works. Bear with me. thank you.

  3. and it did! wow. What fun – curvy cayley triumphs.

  4. Cayley! Cayley! cayley! uuooooph,…. what can I say to make you see that you are beautiful? I read your blog above and was so hurt that I had to write you.For a start read my lips and hear this: you are sexy,seductive,juicy,adorable,cute,huggable and very much insatiably wanted and sought after!I bet you think I’m probably just hyping you up.-No! the truth is this is the feeling a woman of your physique triggers in men like me.And pls don’t mistake this for purposeless lust,but rather for deep fancy and attraction.This is how I want to feel for my wife.And trust me,she won’t be stick thin or slim but full figured and voluptous like you.The point is you are perfect the way you are,as long as you are trying your bit to be fit and eat healthy.
    I Live in london as well,and I understand the whole ‘thin’ ideology and fashion craze,but i tell you that every lady I had fancied on the bus or tube was full figured,round bottom and full breasted!I dont call it fat! I call it ‘very adorable and wish she was mine’
    I wish I knew you to see you and tell you what your physical attributes are that would make all men want you.The eternal truth though is that you have to love yourself for a start and trust that your partner truly finds you attractive.I am a slim dude and trust me I like ladies full figured.and I know if I met you I most probably would fine you very attractive-though praying you would too for me.My point is I really wish I could make you feel good about your size,cuz it isn’t a problem at all.Perhaps you want to send a line now and then,feel free to contact me via
    email I live in Wandsworth.
    I just might be that dude who drools lapping his tongue and wagging his tail when ever he sees you.

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  6. We’ll, I’m a man, and I love fat, tall and beautiful women, they are such great friends and lovers. I really dont’s know exactly why but I can’t find thinner and shorter girls very attractive to me.

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